Logitech G7 Laser Cordless Gaming Mouse

Not to worry about being sold out.
This was a refurb w/1-battery

Retail included 2 batteries.

If you missed out on this, justdeals.com has them for $46.95 with free shipping.

Had one I got from buy.com for 60$, its a nice mouse but batteries optimistically last 8 hours and charger is as bulky as a corded mouse by itself, since I use a notebook it just made no sense and I ended up returning it, also it uses its own type of batteries that you cannot get anywhere as spare. Last thing; the dongle is pretty long and slim. I was always worried I will break it if I move the notebook in a wrong way

Any one have a guess as to when these are going to ship?

I’m also wondering when these will ship…

hey woot its been 5 days… still not shipped!
Whats going on?

by the way about the fact that it only comes with one battery,on ebay new battery packs are $4.50 with shipping.


That is SO kewl swimmer jon.

THanks for the link! I couldnt find any locally and didnt even think to look at ebay!

thanks for the link… sweet deal… just order 100 of them… j/k im in for 4

Well, my Lamborghinis were just shipped, so these should be shipped shortly.

just got my shipping info on it. They sending this one UPS instead of Fedex like all my others came so far. UPS has a rescheduled ( already?) delivery date of the 27th.

Glad to see UPS is not in any rush. :frowning:

Mine was shipped, and i quote, “via ()” wtf does that mean? i got a tracking number but i dont know who is shipping it so what good does it do me?

does it start with 1Z ?
if so, its UPS

dude everyone else is getting thiers!!! my still hasnt shipped yet. what the heck is going on there woot??? did you forget about me?

mine hasn’t shippedd yet either :frowning:

I got an email with a UPS tracking number this morning. It doesn’t show up in my account though.

i got my tracking # … its a drop ship from logitech in ca … it was in my spam filter too which is odd

Still haven’t gotten a ship confirmation or an e-mail… Argh.

Woot generally ships FedEx and I am not sure if UPS has integration in their system. Everything I have ever ordered that has come from UPS has NOT show up w/ a tracking number in your account on woot. Only way to know if it has shipped is thru e-mail.

yay woot finally shipped mine today. UPS with arrival on the 27th 2 weeks after ordered… woot you need improvement.

on another note, techno blasts in backround woot woot im finally gonna get my super awesome incredible wireless laser gaming mouse. no more shall i be out twitched in battle, no more shall i have laggy mouse response times, no more shall death come my way, i will conquer death, i will be death, and woe to those who meet me on the field of battle.

oh yeah im excited, i can’t wait.

I just got my mouse today… I wish I has read the description a little better. I only comes with one battery and no usb dongle. Oh well, it was still a good deal.