Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum Keyboard

Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum Keyboard

I ordered one of these a few weeks back from Woot, and when it came in a few days ago, it was a French AZERTY version. Nothing like the pictures or description. They had told me they didn’t have anymore to send me, and then the next day it’s on an Appsclusive deal; What’s up with that?

Just the other day there was a Logitech keyboard that also had the phone port, and a big issue was that the app it relies on is no longer supported. You can still possibly use an old version of it, but who knows for how long?

I can’t tell if this is the exact same keyboard or a different model, but I would definitely suggest doing your research beforehand. If it’s the same story for this one - or if this is actually the same keyboard - take it into consideration if the phone port gimmick is important to you. In fact, I’d do a search and find the other listing I’m talking about, because if it actually is the same product there were other issues raised that may be relevant to you.

I don’t know but it’s logical that tech would be technically technical.

Firstly, I will give my vote for this model of keyboard. I have this model, and its first iteration (G910 Orion Spark). This is an amazing keyboard for general use, and particularly for gamers who want mechanical switches, good lighting, reasonable usability for productivity, and reliable build.

Secondly, I don’t know what exactly is entailed by Woot’s somewhat vague “New - open box”, which could mean anything from demo to returned product.

My take from a couple years of use:
Logitech makes some of the very best peripherals in the industry. This keyboard is a great example of that history - It is a refined version of a gamer board that had weird key caps, and an asymmetrical wrist rest. Now with more normal keys, a smooth wrist rest, beautiful per-key lighting, terrific mechanical switches (Romer-G are somewhat like a Cherry MX Brown, but shorter actuation and less sound from “bottoming out”, and great tactile feeling without a loud click), and great customisation options through the Logitech G software for macros, profiles (per program if you want), and multiple profiles that you can manually select with the programmable G-Keys. The base is fairly sturdy, so movement is consistent. Only drawback is that the Romer-G switches preclude switching to standard Cherry key caps, or as easily disassembling to clean - Not a big deal.

I paid much more when I got my keyboards and I don’t regret that, so this is a good deal IF the condition is reasonable.

Forgot to add that I find the smartphone dock and app to be useless. Tried the dock, but gave the app one glance before deciding that I didn’t care. I just keep a wireless charging stand for the phone next to the keyboard. Buy it for the great mechanical switches, amazing software for macros and profiles, custom per-key lighting, solid build, and good deal that it is. It wasn’t nearly as tempting at the $200 launch price, but $80 is pretty sweet for the features listed.

My green bottomed out so I’m in the red, I’m blue about it. I’d love to have one to for, foot on the floor, pedal to the metal FPS dual hybrid comps for the Tokyo taste of it. Shame I’m broker than my jokes.

For a laugh, have a look at the Logitech site for info on the keyboard. I went there to look for the measurements to see if it would fit on my desk. Apparently this is some new form factor of keyboards, as it’s 20 inches tall and 8 inches wide. I guess it’s meant to be used vertically. :slight_smile:

And for what it is worth, the term “dock” seems to be misused a bit here. I think it’s more accurate to call it a “stand” as it does not appear to have any connection to the computer, nor ability to charge, which one would usually expect with a dock.

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