Logitech G930 7.1 Wireless Gaming Headset

Ive owned these for a couple years and while they are pretty great when they work, they have massive sync issues.

These constantly lose connection and take 3-6seconds to get back online. So if you are going to use these for gaming, I recommend NOT getting them. They will crap out during important commands and whatnot, and you will miss most of what was said.

If you visit the Logitech forums, you will see dozens of posts about the sync issues and over the years with thousands and thousands of posts about it, Logitech has done nothing to help.

Ill also note that I sent my headset in TWICE because of sync issues and was sent a new pair both times. I just decided to stick with the 3rd pair because I know they will never get better.

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Another thing about these is they will generally crap out after a year unless you are taking extremely good care of them. I owned a pair for about six months, using them every day, taking good care of them, but eventually they wouldn’t charge anymore. It was a pain of the ass going through the RMA process with Logitech, so good luck if you buy these.

I also went through multiple pairs of these headphones before I switched to a different pair. The first set I had issues charging after the 6 month mark while keeping them plugged in most of the time.

The second pair I had the speakers in the right headphone randomly stop working. The third pair had the same issue with the work around being adjusting speak volumes for just the right headphone and spiking the system volume to trying to push to speakers into functioning.

I would highly recommend spending your money on something else.

I would highly recommend not getting these. As others have said. They constantly disconnect from the base. RMA is a pia; and the battery is only good for about a year.

I also own one of these headsets and have the same problems with sync issues. Incredibly frustrating and not worth the money.