Logitech Harmony 350 8-Device Universal Remote

Logitech Harmony 350 8-Device Universal Remote


Logitech announced that they’re discontinuing their Harmony universal remote sales. That includes this device. It is currently unknown how long Logitech will continue to support these devices for.

These remotes rely on Logitech’s servers to program; once they decide to shut down the servers these will no longer be programmable. Logitech has said that the servers will remain available for some time, however, it’s not like tech companies would ever lie about something like this (/s).

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On the other hand, Logitech has promised support “while customers use the remotes”. Historically they have been good about this (e.g. the back-end support for Squeezebox, which stopped production years ago, is still running).

On the other other hand, these are Refurbs offered at or above what was the MSRP for new (particularly for this 350 model which was routinely available for under $40 when it was in production). So shame on Woot for that.

On the other other other hand these are rather beloved among their users and many sellers have jacked up asking price far beyond this to take advantage of people wanting a spare.

On the other other other other hand – this 350 is the clunker model of the Harmony series; without the LCD screen it’s harder to get programmed correctly and less elegant to use. Far better to spend the extra $11 here for the 650 which is the sweet spot for Harmony remotes.

All the above are true. I’m a fan historically of the Harmony remotes. However, for the price, I’ve personally liked the Fire Cube to do roughly the same thing (and much, much more).

The number of times I need numbers for any action dwindles fast.

It’s (to me) really tough to look at a (admittedly good) remote that can cost nearly twice what a Fire Cube costs (on sale, refurb, etc) where the systems can be controlled and not even, really, need a remote.

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if they shut down their servers they will no longer be programmable, but they will still work

And companies have never lied before about stuff like this. /s