Logitech Harmony 659 Advanced Universal Remote



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How does a 659 compare to other Harmonys, like the 676 that I have?

Never mind, here’s a comparison:


Um, is this a good deal?

I’ve only seen Harmony remotes with color touch-screens.


Any have use this ? Can this be programmed to any remote, such as a tuner card remote?

Meaning can this remote unlike my older sony be programmed regardless if it doesn’t support a code.


does this work with tivo and my comcast remote?


Not a bad deal for this product… it definitely sells for more in the department stores. Does anyone know if this will work with Media Centre?


Ewww! Refurbished! Someone’s rancid popcorn oil between the keys as well as their sloughed-off skin!

(let’s see how fast this gets censored)


It looks like a shoe!!!

If it has more than 4 buttons , then I can’t use it.


they feel expensive!


This was my first Harmony remote.

It’s like a gateway drug. I sold it to a friend of mine when I upgraded to the 880.

If you have a spouse/parent/etc. who complains about your home theater setup being too difficult to use when, “all I want to do is watch TV!” then this is what you want to give them to settle the bucket-o-remotes problem.


I was holding the exact remote as I refreshed the page. Wierd. It is a great remote I paid about 175 for it about 1 year ago.


Any Harmony product should… the comcast is a Motorola… it will work.


It looks good but its refurbished, any had any problems with this remote?


This would be a nice remote, but for a refurb the price is too high. Actually, the cable companies are giving these out when you sign up for service. Nice try, Woot.


Referbs are much better than a “used” item, Atleast to use the referb term the item has been sent to the manufacturer, and tested by the company.


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Logitech Harmony 659 Advanced Universal Remote
$44.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Logitech Harmony H-659 USB Programmable Internet Connected Universal Remote Control - 966179-0403




I have one in blue… Good remote and a good price… the FF and Rew buttons aren’t quite as convienently placed (above the arrows) as TIVO’s, but good function none the less


Actually, the ability to tap into a database of remote settings (a) works and (b) is pretty nice (why did they change c-o-o-l into r-i-b-s???). The buttons aren’t so stupid as the other “does everything” kind of remote… they just work in a minimalistic kind of way.