Logitech Harmony Elite Remote w/ Hub

Logitech Harmony Elite Remote w/ Hub

Harmony has been my universal remote of choice for some years now, and this is the set up I currently have. Very much worth the $150-ish price.

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I bought two of these last time they came up and were S&D models. Couldn’t say enough good things about it. From setup to day-to-day use it’s really fantastic.

I’ve had LOTS of Logitech devices over the years. I stopped buying their products after I seen a trend of dumping support on EXPENSIVE devices after a few years. Had a security camera system. When after 3 years it failed, I tried to get a replacement. Not going to happen. I have one Logitech remote. Based on my experiences with Logitech and it’s support, once it dies, I will be clean of anything from this company. Sad thing is, they really make some nice products. They just don’t support them very long.

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I have the version with the “hub” and smaller remote. works pretty well except for times where it stops responding and needs to be unplugged and rebooted. One issue to remember is that even when Sony provides the controls, vendors can still be d*cks about it and change their part. For over a year I could power off and power on my PS4. that stopped working, and thanks to user forums, found it was SONY who decided not to play nice anymore. Other than that and the need to reset every couple months, works as advertised, and having radio based control is real nice over IR where you’re always aiming

But does it work with my Mediacom supplied (and tweaked by them) Tivo DVR? I can’t find that answer.

I notice that in a “New” package of this, there are “2 IR mini-blasters” but this Refurbished one, they are not mentioned as “included in box”. Can anyone verify if they do come with this one or not?

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Hi there. Per the vendor: “The mini IR blasters are included.”

I really want to buy this for my husband …for Christmas. Since the 90 warranty makes that risky right now, I hope it comes up again in a couple months.

Honestly, I bought one of these and returned it. It was an ergonomic mess compared to the 880s and 890s.


I bought one of these new at a box store for nearly $300. All in all it is a good remote but not great. I have an Intel NUC set up as a HTPC and this will control the NUC and all functions of my media player. With one touch it turns on the NUC, TV and Home Theater Receiver. That is the good part.

The not so good part is the touch screen. I really hate touch screens on remotes. The reason being is that you have to look at the remote to do major functions like turn on or shut down certain devices. I can’t tell you how many times I have missed the touch screen to turn on my HTPC and accidentally turned on the DVD player instead. I had a Harmony 880 and that was my favorite remote before it wore out.

for what it’s worth, I haven’t had many logitech devices besides for mice and the original Harmony One remote. However, the PC software that programs that 9+ year old remote still gets updated with all the current model/ control info for electronics coming out that it can control. Unless they cancel the whole remote control line, which seems like a big business for them and thus unlikely, I don’t think lack of support will be an issue in this case.