Logitech Harmony Elite Remote w/ Hub

Logitech Harmony Elite Remote w/ Hub

I tried to order one of these last time, but Woot “was unable to fulfill my order” for some unknown reason. But I’m curious… Anyone have any feedback on the factory reconditioned models? Refurbs I’m usually fine with…but a returned product… I’m not so sure on that one. Any personal experience here from anyone?

I bought one last time. It arrived in a box that was taped with Scotch tape and had obviously been used before. There were no product manuals, no documentation whatsoever. Luckily the Logitech website has pretty good guides. The product itself was in excellent condition and works well. The hub hadn’t been reset and had someone else’s devices set up on it, but I sort of expected something like that. I just cleared everything out and started from scratch. For the price, it was worth it for me.


When it works it is great. A lot of times there is a delay in the command so if you are fast forwarding a show & then try to stop it will run on for another 30 seconds or so way past where you wanted it to stop. Because of this I am back to just using each of the single device remotes because I know they will work correctly.

Factory reconditioned / Refurbished / returned product - they can and often are one and the same. They wouldn’t know to refub/recondition it if no one said something was wrong with it, and they can’t sell an “open box” item that has been returned without being honest that it isn’t “new”, thus “refurb”.

The box was in poor contition but the contents were pristine with plastic peel offs in-tact

If you have a chromecast or mediacenter pc, definitely recommend picking up a flirc ir reciever. The setup can be easy or tedious depending on what you want to do, but it’s real cheap and works amazingly if you invest the 10min-2hr setup for it (if you do it manually, personally I think setting it up via the PC app is a million times faster)

Works great with kodi, firetv, wmc and plex. Has built in support for all of these with the logitech remotes (setup is like 5min as both flirc software and logitech support the device)

OK, Woot, what’s wrong with this picture?

Happens when you haven’t logged in for awhile and the page doesn’t refresh (check adblocker and cookies here) and relog.

It’s an occasional glitch.

This is only $119.99 with free shipping at Amazon Prime!

Did you know that that’s a different remote and that this one is more relevant (especially if you compare the ASIN on linked reviews here to that Amazon page?)