Logitech Harmony Elite Touch Remote

UGH. This is the second time in a matter of weeks that I liked a Woot item I bought so much that I was ready to POUNCE on an additional one when I saw it up here.

Until… I was talked out of it by seeing they INCREASED the price months later.

So not cool, especially for electronics, which do not appreciate in value.

This was available 3 months ago for only $219.99.


Most likely, our price from the vendor went up. This is still their current model so prices will remain steady as long as that’s the case.

Okee dokee. But still, this keeps happening! The BB-1000 Bidet too! How about a price match for someone who bought one of these only 3 months ago!

As soon as you figure out how to stop prices from rising or fluctuating in the market, you let us know. :tongue:

Happens all over.

So does bargaining and meeting half way with loyal customers who are returning to buy a duplicate item with diminished marginal returns to them.

Sigh I bought the BB-1000 Bidet, love it, was ready to buy a second one but you lost me when I saw the $20 price increase (on an item that has been around for quite a few years).

I bought the Harmony Elite, love it, am ready to buy it a second time. Don’t lose me AGAIN…

Also, you were only guessing about increased vendor costs. If it turns out that was not what happened, are you saying you will match the previous price for me? Let’s be honest, it’s no sure thing that was the reason with aging electronics.

I’m tired here on the east coast. And, also, I want to see what you’re made of, TT. Knock off $1 for me and I will purchase.

This is Logitech’s top of the line Harmony remote so I doubt the price is going to drop much until they release another premium one. Also, Woot isn’t a regular retailer, it could very well be that they got a better bulk deal previously. It happens.

I do like this remote in general but one gaping negative is the lack of hard number buttons to directly change channels. IMO, all main buttons must be physical buttons. So that’s a deal killer for me.

I’m still using the old Harmony 900 and have a back-up in storage for when it dies. I wish Logitech would just update that one. Its ergonomics were near perfect.

This remote is as close to perfection as possible.

I disagree with you, profoundly, that aging electronics should be increasing in price many months later. No one said anything about “dropping” the price. Don’t know where you got that from. I was only asking that it not INCREASE from what it was offered at (and I bought it at) 3 months ago. TT’s claim that the vendor is increasing their fee is dubious. She admits she was only offering a guess.

What disturbs me is that this seems to be a new trend. Test items out at a certain price and, if they sell, increase the price. In the past, Woot did exactly the opposite. As time went on, prices on (especially electronics) decreased. Which is normal.

We all know that. Why you would want to argue with me about that is silly.

Electronics do increase in price and decrease. What about tube amps? They sure are more expensive than when they came out. Woot is a reseller and if the vendor increased their prices then Woot needs to make a profit. Alot of people do not realize that there is not a lot of profit left when buying from a vendor, even in bulk.

I logged in just so I could tell you to stop trying to bully TT for a price match. If you dont like the price then don’t buy it. But there is absolutely no reason for your several posts that are interpreted to be quite rude by everyone else. We are adults here so if you don’t like it then go somewhere else.

Bully? Where do you get bully? I was being courteous all along. I asked TT for $1 off. $1! Is that bullying?

I know that Woot has a number of fake user name/accounts (which obviously is the case with yours) in order to gang up on people who make reasonable and logical points, but your response was pretty unprofessional. “Everyone” thinks I am being rude? How would you know what “everyone” thinks? No one, not one person, said that on here. Do you mean “everyone” at Woot/Amazon headquarters/CS who is reading this? That would obviously make much more sense.

I asked for $1 off and it was not sarcastic. I would have interpreted it as a gesture and I would have purchased. To call that bullying, is disingenuous and I would expect more from you guys. I have not used inappropriate language, I cannot “bully” a big corporation (your statement makes it so obvious that you are not a regular guy, but part of the company), and I could not have been more reasonable.

You’re right, you guys have no obligation to bargain with me. You have no obligation to deduct $1 that I said would make me buy my second one. But I also have every right to ask, and to try and bargain in good faith. And when I ask for $1 off and am serious (don’t believe me? test me. if you do it, i will buy), I am not being rude. I am being quite reasonable. That you do not think so shows that you are not a real customer.

I agree> I am using the old Harmony one (similar to 900). I like the way it works and has hard numbers that are large enough to use in the dark.

I will say my son just bought the elite and it was super easy to set up using his old remote. He was able to set it up on his phone. pretty slick!

I believe he knows based on his degree from Trump University.

Just to make this post semi-useful I have the Harmony Smart Control remote (no screen) and love it.

Worried the ones with screens would eat battery. Also couldn’t deal with the lack of number keypad on the top of the line model.

Hate to break up the price match party but here’s my 2cents of the product itself. And for the recorded, I don’t think J is bullying, he’s negotiating. Guess when I go to the dealership to buy a car and try to get them to lower the price to match the guy down the street or tell Comcast I’m jumping ship, I’m being a big bully. Oh well. TT can pretty much tell anyone where to pack sand, price stays the same. He/she doesn’t control that. Many layers and TT is just one.


I have one of their remotes. If you have the time and patience, it’s a nice add to your entertainment system. If you rather use your cable/tv remote (I have Xfinity and it’s new remote kicks but for cable remotes) but I use a Harmony remote for my gaming/home theater system. It controls 1 tv, 1 overhead projector, bose sound system, tv sound bar/system, roku, HDMI 4x4 matrix controller, Samsung BlueRay and a PS3/XBox1 for tv/movie navigation. Mine doesn’t control the lighting though, bummer. Love pressing one button to bring up all the devices needed to watch a movie and turning them off when done. But that’s the LAST logitech product I will EVER buy. Why? They keep dropping good products and moving on to something else.

I had the Alert camera system (outside) and it died under 2 years. Can’t get it fixed or replaced. Costly mistake. So, my years of having Logitech items, I’m done.

I’ve been looking for one of these that actually works! Might I ask which model you’re using???

Jeffdoh, Newgen87’s account was created in 2011 so it’s a pretty big stretch to say it was created just to gang up on you. Pretty ambitious of that user to buy 25-49 things just so their fake account can seem real. Seriously? LOL.

To suggest that Woot owes you something because the price changed is absurd. It happens, get over it. Buy it or don’t.

Good morning all!

Fear not! I was not bullied! Pestered, maybe. :tongue: But not bullied.

And I’m a FEmale.

So, how about this remote?

What makes this one better than the ultimate? More buttons on the remote? They aren’t selling them on the Logitech site anymore so not sure what the difference is.

I bought the Ultimate One remote about 2-3 months ago from here, I just got around to setting it up this past weekend and I’m liking it, controls 6 devices for me.

The wall adapter arrived charred and melted like it had been in an electrical fire, one of the metal prongs that goes in the outlet was loose and looked like the grill of my bbq. I contacted Woot for warranty and they told me it was Logitech’s problem. I contacted Logitech 9which was a pain in the ass) and they said it was Woot’s problem as a third party seller. I could see where this was headed and didn’t want to be jerked around so I took initiative. I noticed the AC adapter was 5 amp, the same as my iPhone charger, I had a USB cable laying around so I asked Woot for a $10 refund to cover my expense in buying a universal adapter and they immediately complied. Still disappointed they shirked responsibility and just agreed to the nominal refund to get rid of me, I should have asked for a little more