Logitech Harmony Elite w/ Hub (S&D)

Logitech Harmony Elite w/ Hub (S&D)

You know what really sucks about this deal? It was 100 dollars on Saturday via the mothership + an additional 20% off.

Now only the Companion bundle is 149 + 20% off. Big sad.

where did you find it for the $100 + 20%???

Must be a different model - the Elite has never been that cheap

I bought two of these a few weeks ago when Woot had them on sale-- got them all set up and programmed and working well-- then the next day they no longer worked. I had to reprogram them all over again. Then next day, same thing. Like it resets itself at midnight each day. Groundhog day experience.

Shame it’s Groundhog Day and not Click. :wink:

(I happen to like both, though Groundhog Day is something which I will revisit more often.)