Logitech Harmony Elite w/ Hub (S&D)

Logitech Harmony Elite w/ Hub (S&D)

I never thought I would see the day where you could pay over a $100 just to change the channel…


Remotes costing over $100.00 have been around for at least the past 10 years. When TVs first started being sold with remotes, the Mark ups on those models were well over $100.00. All that being said, I don’t have a clue why anyone would pay that for a remote, unless it was from Morty at Bed Bath & Beyond. :wink: I guess people just have disposable income.

Those who could use this remote actually have at least 3 on the coffee table and have to remember a special sequence to get everything to work. What if you could turn on your surround sound system and find the right input with one button. Then the next day use the same remote to turn to the daily news. This one is expensive. Even on such a great sale. But more than worth the cost for those of us with systems that require multiple remotes. I highly recommend this brand by the way.

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Whatever its capabilities, the price is stiff. That said, if you have a very complex home theater systems with numerous components (AV receiver, multiple flat screen TVs, cable/sat tuner, Blu-ray player, stream box, etc.), each having its own remote…
I’m happy to spend 140 bucks in order to program a one button solution to process that scenario. What seems worthless or excessive to some is a necessity for others.

Yes, the price is stuff, but this deal is $100 off of retail! I bought one a month ago and my wife is soooooo much happier since the (complex, 6 item system) never gets into an abnormal state. It also allows guests to use the entertainment system without a book of instructions just to watch a ball game. It also took about 15minutes to install and set up, super easy.