Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Phone App



Pretty good reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at BestBuy.com


Anyone know what the difference is between this one and the (maybe?) newer one?

Newer one: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/logitech-harmony-home-control-black/8201008.p?id=1219317045717&skuId=8201008

EDIT: Ah, the newer one has WiFi and can control WiFi devices directly.


Is Smart Hub included?

[MOD: The Harmony Hub is included.]


Grrrr. Just paid $99 for this remote on amazon a month ago. Still worth it, and the best remote I’ve ever owned. It’s got a good weight and feels very comfortable in my hand.

This is a fantastic deal. If anyone has any questions about this, let me know!


I just purchased one of these from Best Buy last week. For those who have ever had a Harmony remote, this one has been the all-around best, with one exception. I miss the HELP button. Even though there is less chance of devices becoming out of sync when selecting an activity, due to the hub being co-located with your equipment, it can still happen. The only workaround is to use the OFF button, wait a few seconds, and then try the activity again. On more than one occasion I’ve had to hunt for my devices remote (normally the receiver, as it has to do more things) to change input, etc.

Otherwise, it’s a really solid remote. Easy as pie to program, buttons are at ideal locations, and feels great in the hand.


That’s where the app comes in. There’s a fix command in the menu, and you can individually address the rare component sync issue by accessing the problem device(s) directly. I actually prefer this over the help button, as it gives me finer control over the issue, and as you said, very rare anyway. As of this post, it has not happened to me at all.

For the record, this remote currently controls my:

TV, Soundbar, HDMI Switch, TiVo, DVD player, Xfinity X1 cable box and Fire TV stick.


Very disappointed in the current lineup and pricing of Logitech remotes. For the price of the cheapest one here you used to be able to get one with a screen that you could program pages and pages of different commands you could cycle through.


Is this just for the remote or it comes with the Hub? I want to control without direct line of sight…


Does this come with the Smart Hub as well, or just the remote? Im not sure what good the phone app is without the Hub.


My purchase is pending someone being able to confirm whether the Harmony Hub is included in this deal.


If you search big brother with “Harmony Remote 915-00194” you’ll find a useful product descriptions. One of those says the remote is RF to a hub, hub has the blasters. Which makes sense, since your phone is going to have to use Wi-Fi to control anything…


I’m assuming not since hub is not pictured or listed and the description says

"** It also works with Harmony Hub for control of devices in closed cabinets.** "


I have 2 set of this particular remote. The model number here on Woot “915-000194” indicates that it does come with the Harmony Hub when I check my OEM boxes AND when you search the model number on Google AND Amazon.

Also, when it comes to features, since the Smart Control (this product) and the Home Control use the same software and hub (which also has been software upgraded to use the same firmware that the Home Control hub uses), the only difference between this and the Harmony Home line is that there’s 4 extra buttons on the remote itself for simple home automation (lights).

Just in case anyone asks, I’m controlling devices via IR (A/V) receivers, projector, Bluetooth (PS3), WiFi (Honeywell Thermostats, Samsung TV’s). You can also use Insteon lighting products now with the Smart Control as well as the newer Home Control.

Keep in mind that in order to use your Harmony Smart Control with Thermostats, lighting and other home automation, you would use your mobile device instead of the controller packed with the hub HOWEVER that mostly holds true for the Harmony Home Control as well.

Point it, $60 for this remote (and hub) knowing that the remote has 4 less buttons (lighting) and knowing that you can do everything the newer model does is a steal!!

BTW… I just ordered this from Woot to add to my other Smart Control sets in the house. :slight_smile:


I’m considering this to replace our Roku and TV remotes to have TV power and volume in one device. We keep the Roku unit in the closet behind the TV.

Would someone mind describing the setup with the “hub”? I’m not familiar how that might work. Does the hub emit IR based on an RF signal from the remote? Would it work to have the TV in one room and the Roku in another?



The hub uses IR, Bluetooth and WiFi to control the devices. The hub itself has built in IR blasters so that you could put the hub in a closet with your equipment and it would blast out commands. It also comes with 1 wired IR blaster just in case you need to control an IR device outside of where the hub is located (should the hub be hidden in a closet for example).

As for the Roku, the Smart Control will control it via WiFi so yes, it can control the Roku in a closet.

NOW, if you’re trying to use a Smart Control setup to control 2 seperate A/V setups (Example: 2 TV’s, 2 Roku’s, etc), you’re not going to be able to do that. Each Harmony Hub based remote is designed to work with one A/V setup at a time.

With that said, the beauty of the software and using the mobile app is that should you have multiple hubs in your home (I have 2 currently with another 1 shipping my way), you can switch between hubs with your mobile device and control the room you want.


I didn’t realize Harmony made something like this. This is perfect for my setup.

In for one.

Question - does the hub itself have an IR blaster or is the mini blaster required for that function?

This is going in the basement. Home stereo electronics in storage room. I could mount the hub in front of the components so that it would ‘blast’ the IR signal to the components or run the mini IR blaster there. Easier/simpler is always better if I can do it that way.


Seeing and reading conflicting info on the smart hub.

WOOT STAFF: PLEASE ADDRESS…is the smart hub included?


This has both. The hub has IR blasters built into it. The set also contains 1 mini IR blaster should you need it.

I would put the hub with your equipment then run the mini IR blaster somewhere it would hit your TV… if your TV is not controllable via WiFi.


Anyone personally know if this works with Entone cable boxes? Trying to consolidate remotes at my parents’ house, and best answer I could get from Google was “maybe”.