Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Phone App

Don’t trust the reconditioned remotes! Never again will I get one that has been reworked. Mine failed after 2 months and they said it was my fault cause it was dropped. Not my fault that your shoddy solder work fails after falling off the couch!

I actually had a Harmony 880 refurb remote that lasted a good 4 or 5 years after I got it from woot.

Heads Up. Black Friday PreSale is live, get a Harmony 700 for $50 with promo Harmony Deal.

I bought this a few weeks back to replace the Roku and TV remotes in my bedroom. It’s been nearly ideal, though I fought with the common dropping wifi issue for days. I’m not sure whether a router config change or a firmware update resolved the issue, but it’s working well now.

The remote is solid and comfortable in hand. Being RF-only, it runs on a slim button battery. This allows the remote to be very thin, but it’s substantially heavy to have good feel.

I have a Harmony 700 and I have this remote on 2 different systems. I bought this remote the last time Woot had it for sale. It looked and worked as new when I received it. Still going strong.

Both are nice. This one is better if you don’t need to screen on your remote. For controlling a TV/Stereo/Roku/PS3 (Yes - it also has Bluetooth to control your PS3) this thing is amazing. Very fast. You don’t need to point the remote at anything because it works on RF - not infrared (like the 700). You can program it from your phone so no more plugging it in the computer/unplug/test/plug in/program/test/etc. You make changes on the phone or computer and you test. The unit gets updated through the WiFi signal.

I highly recommend this remote. That said, the 700 is nice too. It’s your traditional Harmony remote.

I got it $5 cheaper on Moofi this morning, unfortunately it is now sold out there.

I paid $99 for this same one in September, and it’s still worth it at that price. I really like it and was pleased to find one so cheap. This is still a good deal and I recommend it to anyone looking to simplify their system AND need BT/Wifi support.

The remote is limited to 6 activities. 3 buttons, short or long press. What about the iOS / Android app? Can more than 6 activities be used on the smartphone app?

Answered my own question… according to this logitech forum, the smartphone app is not limited to 6 activities.


I’ve had mine for a few years, works great - love the simple remote, and the backup of using the app on the phone has come in handy more times than i would like with the kids losing the remote.