Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Phone App

I’ve owned this for a while…Absolutely love it. I had a HarmonyOne, which was okay, but using our phones and/iPads to control the TV is great when we need simple or complex operations, and the minimalistic remote included is fine for day-to-day, basic commands.

The best thing is that, unlike the HarmonyOne, you don’t need line-of-sight to your devices. I honestly can’t see why anyone would have a big, expensive remote when this option is out there. And it’s cheaper than the big remotes! When I bought this, I sold my old Harmony online for more than I paid for this!

Works with my cable box, TV, BluRay, AppleTV and Fire Stick.

My wife and I have had this for awhile now. Its software just gets better and better. They recently added their app to my iPhone’s slide-down screen, making it even MORE convenient.

One of these was my Christmas present this year, and I got everything set up last night in our family room. It’s fantastic. Works flawlessly with an Epson Home Cinema projector, a Sharp 3.1 soundbar/receiver (that no other universal remote has been able to touch), a DISH Joey, a Toshiba BD player, and an Amazon Fire Stick. It also handles switching inputs on both the projector and receiver to let my daughter play her Wii Mini.

The tactile remote it came with isn’t bad, but our primary remote is now an older Nook HD tablet that was just collecting dust. The missus and I also have the app on each of our phones.

A dedicated theater room is my goal for this year… I should pick up another one of these at this price.