Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Phone App

Solid reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at BestBuy.com

I have 2 of these remotes and I think they’re great. If there’s any issues (sync, etc) you can easily fix it through the app. It can even be controlled with Echo! Solid buy at this price.

Ugh! I just bought this and set it up this weekend! I paid $98 for it on Amazon. I absolutely love it. I turned seven individual remote controls into one. The initial setup was harder than it should have been, but once you get it working it’s awesome. Just go into it assuming that the thing you want it to do probably will work, but you’ve got to figure it out. For me, it was how to get it to stop sending the “off” command to my TiVo and HDMI switch, which I always want to leave powered on.

Isn’t it only the hub that can connect via Echo - not the remote itself?

Is this compatible with a WiiU?

After taxes and shipping it’s same price as on amazon for the certified refurbished

Does it come with the Harmony hub? If not, what do I lose by not having the Hub?

According to some of the reviews I have found, this works with Bluetooth-only PS3 and Wii, but no mention of the Wii U. It probably depends on how the Wii U receives commands, but this remote is certainly trying it’s hardest to work with everyone equally.

Yup! This one comes with the Harmony Hub in the box!

Does anyone know if you can just buy the hub alone and use it with the smartphone app?

This doesn’t come with the hub, does it?

Also, this doesn’t have the buttons to control smart light bulbs like the hue. Seems like you can only get that remote when you buy it with the hub. http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Harmony-Home-Control-Devices/dp/B00N3RFC8W/

I have that version and it’s great, but the remote has been dropped a few too many times and I’d like to replace it, but can’t find it on it’s own. BUt if you don’t need smart home controls, I think this is a great system.

So wait, why is everyone saying it doesn’t come with the hub?

Can anybody recommend this over the Harmony 650? It is the same price on Amazon and is the Wirecutter’s recommended Remote. I’m planning to use this in with an HTPC, PS3, projector and receiver. I also have a second TV/DVD/Receiver combo upstairs. Could I buy this and use the app on the phone in my Home theater and the remote control upstairs with the TV?

No, the remote only talks to the hub which then talks to the devices its controling. In order for the Hub to talk to the devices it has to be near them. The hub cannot control devices in another room and the remote cannot control devices without the hub.

The remote is NOT for your tv, blu-ray, ect. The remote controls the hub which controls your devices. The hub must be in line of sight with what you want to control as it has IR emitters and the remote does not. Without the hub the remote is completely useless.

Looks like someone beat me to it. Mine did come with the hub.

I was initially not able to setup the 2 hubs and the Logitech phone support was no help. Finally I found buried in their forums the solution. In the desktop app, before trying to set up the hub/remote, hit Alt+F9 to access a “service” menu. You can then perform several operations. What fixed my issue was to do an “unpair all” function, and then I did a firmware upgrade. After that setup was completely smooth.