Logitech Harmony Smart Remote Add-on

Logitech Harmony Smart Remote Add-on


Logitech announced that they’re discontinuing their Harmony universal remote sales. That includes this device. It is currently unknown how long Logitech will continue to support these devices for.

These remotes rely on Logitech’s servers to program; once they decide to shut down the servers these will no longer be programmable. Logitech has said that the servers will remain available for some time, however, it’s not like tech companies would ever lie about something like this (/s).

Chromebook listings should have the EOL date at the top of the specs.

The following is from the article you linked

So, both of the above comments are correct. Logitech has EOLed the whole Harmony line. They’ve said they’ll continue to support existing customers and keep adding devices to the database. But at the end of the day the smart hub phones home to the Logitech server to make programming changes and if Logitech decides that they don’t want to operate servers for a product line that’s producing no revenue for them anymore then you won’t be able to reprogram this anymore.

And not mentioning that the product has EOLed in the post is a little crappy of Woot.

Woot canceled my order… I needed them! BOOO woot!

Mine was unceremoniously canceled too, 2 weeks after billing me. The last Woot order I placed, they advertised a completely different item than they shipped; this one they advertised an item they don’t have. Doesn’t quite count as a trend but it sure ain’t a good sign.

Yeah, mine too. And I really needed the item. Seems odd to cancel all the orders. Did they not have the inventory to begin with???

Yeah, looks like our vendor couldn’t count. Sorry for the cancellations.