Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote

**Item: **Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote
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So it’s known, this remote is the replacement for the very popular Harmony One. While it has some cool features, one can easily notice how many fewer hard buttons it has, as well as some odd key placement. Needless to say, it’s not been as sought after as the remote it replaced. Listings for a new Harmony One at Amazon go for over $300 lately, and Logitech will replace a broken One with a Touch.

I have the One and love it, but I have little interest in this newer model.

I just want to know if the screen on this thing is more durable than the two Harmony Ones that I own with cracked/illegible screens.

Neither one of them (fool me once…) lasted more than 3 months before my wife (in betting between my cough year old wife and my 5 year old twins, I certainly would have bet on the twins) destroyed each of them.

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Check out this video and overview from cnet.com

hmmmm… I’m looking at my Harmony One, and looking at the picture of the Harmony Touch. Yeah, I think I’ll stick with my Harmony One. There is definitely such a thing as too few buttons and I think the Touch qualifies.

Some additional info can be found over at logitech.com

IMHO, remotes for entertainment centers need physical buttons that you can easily find and press in the dark.

I’ve had probably a half dozen Harmony remotes over the years and am very loyal to their system. Great learning devices that can be easily customized to just about any system. I just recently converted to their now discontinued Harmony 900 system which I personally think was their design epitome. It can still be had refurbed from Amazon for just $50 more than this device (or even cheaper elsewhere):


The 900 series includes a wireless RF repeater that allows you to tuck away your devices out of view, includes all the major physical buttons, and a color touchscreen for custom buttons. Can’t recommend that system enough. Hopefully Logitech releases an upgraded version (better touchscreen would be nice) in the future.

I own two refurbished Harmony remotes.
I may be just unlucky, but both are having problems with the hard buttons wearing out. They also act squirrelly and will randomly reboot themselves (I believe this is due to a poorly connected battery compartment, it happens if the remote falls off the couch onto my carpeted floor).
I love the Harmony system (provided it’s a model that doesn’t limit how many devices you can add) but would certainly think twice about purchasing any more refurbished ones.

I love my harmony one. I’ve had it for two years and was curious about the touch. Now seeing it, I will definitely stick to my harmony one. Love their products though, I also own the full touchscreen remote.

I have one of these, and I previously had a 900. I agree that less hard buttons is annoying, and it’s even missing codes from some remotes (I’m looking at you clear button on my Tivo remote) … but overall I really like it. Being able to control it over wifi is really nice (smartphone apps) and having built in bluetooth that controls both PS3 and Wii is pretty awesome as well. At $300, not that great of a deal. at $130, pretty awesome in my opinion. If you have existing Harmony gear that does what you want it to, there’s no reason to upgrade. But if you don’t, or you want to control a PS3 or Wii (yes, it even lets you move an on-screen cursor around) along with the rest of your stuff, you could do a lot worse.

Are you sure u have the same model that woot sell?

I thought only the Harmony Ultimate model that can do wifi & Wii, ps3 control.

I think Logitech’s idea was that putting the touchscreen lower on the remote would make it easier to use vs the One which is at the very top. However, it appears that Logitech wants you to set any channel you watch as a favorite and never have to punch in numbers. I like how the playback buttons are on the bottom of the One which makes them easy to use. The only thing for me that the Touch has going for it vs the One is a dedicated DVR hard button, but with the lack of number buttons and the playback buttons being at the top of the remote, I’ll keep my One.

Like the other person noted, it is only with the extra Smart Control module that this allows controlling a Wii. You must have bought the Ultimate package. Here’s from the Touch manual:

If one of your devices is not responding to IR commands, verify the following

Ensure the device is capable of receiving infrared commands. Certain devices, such as the Sony
PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii are Bluetooth devices. MyHarmony will warn you about devices that have
special control requirements by placing a yellow exclamation mark next to the device.

I had this remote and replaced it with the SONY Experia Tablet S that was on sale here recently. What I liked about this remote was the macro feature, where one touch would turn on all key components with the proper settings. What I did not like was the touch screen and the layout of the device functions. If you needed to access a lessor used function, then the touch screen became your enemy as you searched for the function. I found in those instances, it was better to use the remote that came with the device. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the power on for a multizone preamp. For some reason the preprogrammed Logitech function would turn on all 3 zones on this preamp, but on power off would only turn off the main zone. That coupled with the touch screen funkiness was enough to sell this on ebay. I like the SONY better (and you can read email and check the weather on the SONY) - and I don’t even miss the macro feature.

My Harmony 700 was able to learn the TiVo clear command. I think all of the Harmony remotes can learn commands they don’t have.

Not just you. I’ve been through five harmony remotes. The first two were upgrades and nothing wrong with them. But then I went through three 890’s in a row. One simply stopped working, the second had buttons that eventually became non-responsive, and the third had a screen die. Logitech would not do anything for me because the newest of the three was out of warranty period. Normally I would get that, but three in a row?

The Harmony remotes are cheap crap that is not built to last and Logitech has no interest in doing right by loyal customers. As a concept (and when it is working right) nobody can touch the Harmony remotes for simplicity and versatility. Unfortunately you should be prepared for their products to last approximately one year before having to replace it.

Every Logitech remote I have owned (4) has failed well before it should have.


I own one of these - got it as a (very expensive) Christmas gift this year. I like simplicity in industrial design, but this one isn’t a huge winner.

People’s complaints about the play buttons being above the touch screen are dead on - you have to adjust the remote in your hand to use those buttons, and then back to use other buttons. It’s a serious design flaw.

I DO appreciate the lack of button clutter (as I rarely type in a channel number by hand) and favorite channels with icons is nice. I find the touch screen to be plenty responsive. It’s not an iPhone so don’t expect it to be, but I don’t have a single complaint about responsiveness.

The battery seems to last a bit shorter than my previous Harmony remote, and I’m assuming that has something to do with powering the touch screen.

The ergonomics are pretty nice - for all the buttons below the touch-screen. Above and it’s very awkward. The soft feel of the remote in your hand is very nice.

Software wise, the upgrades are welcome. At first I thought I might not like not having all of my “Watch TV” and “Watch Apple TV” macros on the same screen, but this allows for a seemingly infinite number of choices, so that’s nice, and the text is larger and easy to read. It has the absolute easiest “Help” feature of any Harmony remote I’ve used. The touch screen doesn’t have any “accidental touch detection” like a lot of smartphones these days, but it’s intelligent enough to know what’s going on. The best part, however, may be how easy it is to get to device-specific remotes, and how scrolling through soft keys is much faster than on non-touchscreen remotes.

Conclusion? It looks nice. It has high highs and low lows. It looks much sexier on the coffee table than any button-laden Harmony, IMHO, but the play button placement is almost enough alone for me to not recommend this unless you have lots of cash hanging around to play with.

Hope this helps someone :slight_smile: