Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote

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**Item: **Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote
Price: $119.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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BestBuy has it at 4.1 stars
Amazon has it at 3.5 stars
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If your a past Harmony customer stay away you will hate it. Plus they are refurbed and mine broke within 3 weeks. I’m still waiting for my refund 20 days later.

If you do buy, good luck!!

My Harmony 800 was a stinking pile of dog cr**ap that wouldn’t even sit in the charging cradle and needed badly designed, slow, proprietary software to program the smallest feature. There were times I had to e-mail Logitech customer support and ask their permission to use a button for a feature they hadn’t preprogrammed. (And their Squeezeboxes are just as badly designed and implemented.) Tip for today: Don’t buy Logitech’s garbage.

I bought 2 a couple of months ago on MOOFI (both refurbs). They look and work like brand new. I changed from a Harmony One and like this one much better. I read where a lot of people complained about the DVD/DVR transport buttons are hard to reach, this is true, but you never use them. That is what the gesture screen is for. All of the buttons are changeable, plus each can be programed for 2 different functions, short touch and long touch. This is a great price for a great remote.

The fact is that the Squeezebox line of products are now defunct (thanks to Logitech). They were, and however remain, fantastic devices.

My Harmony touch came DOA…im STILL working on gettting a refund.

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Whatever department of high school interns is engineering harmony remotes, they should all be fired. The most kludgy, amateurish, beta, POS hardware Logitech ever slapped their logo on.

I could never figure out the same old cranks that repeat the same old comments about this remote. I replaced my, according to most of these same guys, a “holy grail” Harmony One that developed a dead screen with a refurbed Touch bought here a couple months ago and couldn’t be happier.

Transferring my One preferences to The Touch was a breeze and given some time – yes, a little time, folks – reorienting myself to the new button layout proved this remote very intuitive and easy to use. Despite some control buttons being away from the center of the unit and initially seemingly out of reach, they are actually redundant. This unit is called The Touch for a reason, you old cranks and malcontents. The touch screen allows these functions to be made as gestures quickly and easily as you watch a program from any source. Also, The Touch is smaller than The One and fits in the hand nicer.

My only complaint: The Touch’s buttons and screen does not illuminate upon tilting or picking up as with The One. Only touching the screen or pushing a button prompts lighting.

If you have owned a Harmony in the past and need a replacement or are buying into a more sophisticated universal remote for the first time, I recommend its consideration, especially at this price point. Giving it a little working time without a snap judgement will find this unit to be excellent.

Would like to add it does not have a replaceable battery which is a deficit to some.

I love my 880, but only after having hacked the charging cradle with a bit of solder. There’s some basic engineering which apparently every two-bit Chinese manufacturer of telephone handsets has figured out but Logitech hasn’t. The Touch has some good and some bad features. It supports an adequate number of devices and activities, as well as macros. Macros are absolutely essential. One example is for a light controller which requires one command to select a light and another to turn it on. I like having one button to turn on the media center lights. I also use macros for a function which sends the currently selected zone 1 source in an activity to zone 2. This requires a selection command and a zone 2 on command. Things I don’t like about the touch are mostly user interface - commonly used buttons on top and too much dependence on the touch screen. Also not crazy about the vertical charging, though it’s better than not charging at all. I’ll keep my 880.

Having done some research, and being in the market for a remote like this, I’m out.

The number pad is on the touch screen. No thanks.

Some of the functions you use routinely while watching TV/DVR are on the touch screen. No thanks.

Maybe it’s just me, but given the option of having a real button with actual tactile feedback or a touch screen virtual button that forces me to look at the device to make sure I hit the right spot; I’m taking the real button.

I would completely agree with this. I have a 650 that works great, aside from an issue with the battery terminal that I’m too lazy to fix. I recently tried to replace it and found two things that greatly disturbed me:

I tried to replace it with the closest to the 650 I could find. I forget the model. the build quality wasn’t anywhere near the quality of the older remotes. It felt very cheap in my hands, the buttons got stuck very easily.

When I got the old 650, I downloaded an application to my Mac, told it what I needed, and it downloaded the codes. With the replacement I tried, I had to go to the website, and build a profile. Why do I need to give them things like my address to get the remote code for a TV? And when I did try to download codes, it took several attempts as maybe a third of the time I got a communication error of some kind.

Honestly, I have always loved Logitech. I have several keyboards, mice, and a trackball from Logitech. But I won’t touch another remote from them.

If it works for you, great! But know what you’re getting into.


Agree completely. Love my multiple SqueezeBoxs. Even have the UE replacement.

I already don’t use the Harmony I have now. Universal remotes all have the same issue: I end up having to pull out the real remote anyway for some button/function/thing that isn’t on the universal. I like the idea, honest, but I inevitably need the real remote on a weekly basis, so I gave up on the universal idea.

Harmony remotes are the best. I just bought this a few weeks ago to replace an old Harmony360 that was dying. They don’t make that model any more and this one has the four colored xbox buttons at the bottom so it was the next logical choice.

I personally haven’t really had an issue with the transport buttons at the top. They are easy enough to reach, just in a different place than you would normally expect. That said, the touch screen gestures work just as well. I use both about equally.

This remote has a non-removable, rechargeable battery that lasts a few days at best with moderate use, but it has a handy charging cradle which is useful for not losing you remote in the couch cushions…so long as you use it.

I have been using Harmony remotes since 2007 now (purchased a refurb 880 from woot for my 3rd woot purchase) and I don’t want to go back to using anything else. The IR blaster broke on my 880 after a few years so I upgraded to the Harmony One that I’m using now. I expect that I’ll upgrade to the Touch if my One ever breaks. I’m not thrilled with the idea of so many functions being moved to a touchscreen but I think it is the natural progression. I’ve never configured a Harmony Touch, but I’ve never had trouble with the older remote configuration tools at all.