Logitech Harmony Ultimate One Touch Screen IR Remote

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Don’t trust the reconditioned remotes! Never again will I get one that has been reworked. Mine failed after 2 months and they said it was my fault cause it was dropped. Not my fault that your shoddy solder work fails after falling off the couch!

I actually had a Harmony 880 refurb remote that lasted a good 4 or 5 years after I got it from woot.

I had several new Harmony 880s and the buttons stopped working after two years; Logitech wouldn’t replace them because that was a “known problem.” I’ve been wary of their remotes ever since, even though functionally they’re the best on the market.

I never had any problems with the buttons on mine at all, my remote failed when the IR blaster stopped working. Logitech gave me a decent discount on a new remote though so I’ve been using a Harmony One since then. I don’t remember specifically when my 880 broke but I’ve had either my 880 or One for 8.5 years now so I’d say I don’t have too many issues. I don’t have any kids or anything but I give the remote plenty of use too.