Logitech Harmony Ultimate Touch Screen Remote

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Logitech Harmony Ultimate Touch Screen Remote
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I have a lesser model of the Harmony, and I absolutely love it. It works on every single device I have tested it on.

It even provided additional functionality for a fan that I bought years ago. The remote that came with it didn’t have a breeze button, but the harmony did, and it worked!

Check out the product page

No RF support, No deal.

I bought a Harmony 880 years ago and it’s fantastic. We used to have 5 remotes in a pile. Now there’s just one.

I have one and it’s the best universal remote I have ever owned.

I have this as well as the Harmony Home Control. I use the Ultimate to control my home theater downstairs, and I use the Home Control in my master bedroom.

I have a all of my home theater equipment both downstairs and upstairs tucked away, and the hubs are great. I also have a variety of home automation equipment which both remotes use including Hue lights, Smartthings switches, and Sonos. The Harmony remotes control everything great.

Between the two, I would recommend the Home over the Ultimate.

The Ultimate is more much more expensive and there’s quite a delay on the screen. Whenever I switch to the “devices” page, it takes awhile for it to load since it needs to communicate and get feedback from all of my switches to tell me on the display which ones are on/off. This lag is annoying and makes me never want to go to that screen. The screen and extra devices aren’t worth the $200 extra in retail price.

The woot deal makes the Ultimate remote the same price as a new Home control remote, but honestly unless you have more than 8 home entertainment devices or want to control more than 3 activities, I would buy the Home control.

I have the cheaper version that only covers 8 devices (which REALLY cheeses me off; my old, old XBOX 360 Harmony could do 11, but now you have to shell out the big bucks for more devices), but I’d recommend it if you have an older smartphone lying around. I have my Note 2 with a ZeroLemon battery basically devoted to use as a remote, and it works great (even if my Ouya+SPMC requires a separate app), though it does lag slightly in daily use; it’s not nearly as instantaneous and snappy as my older Harmony. The wifi hub is also sometimes tetchy, and frankly, for the cost, Harmony should have an ethernet port in these things.

One annoying problem, though, is that even though I was able to transfer over my old settings to the new app (which is strictly an app now; you aren’t hooking up anything to the computer to change your settings, which is both good and extremely irritating depending on what you want to do), Harmony decided to “tweak” them. So my Watch Dish, for example, suddenly stopped working because Harmony decided my Pioneer receiver now needed a different method to power on and off. This pretty much happened to half of my settings, so check, check, check if you carry over an older model.

Does this force you to use “activity”-style macros? Logitech implemented those laughably badly on the 800, requiring lots of e-mails to support to have them insert individual codes. And there was no way to do something as simple as play a videogame while listening to music, because activities only allowed one video and one audio source.

(The 800 didn’t even sit in its charging cradle. It was honestly one of the biggest and most expensive pieces of trash I’ve ever bought. I’ll buy this if it doesn’t force me to use activities.)

Still using a Harmony 900 with RF and another safely stored away for when this one breaks! Wish they would just update that one, I love the hard buttons but it’s an old design and kind of slow. I guess if BOTH die then I would consider getting this but I’m hoping they iterate again before I need to buy as I’m definitely not using a bunch of dumb remotes!

I’ve used several Harmony’s over the years, including this one. I like the older ones better that had more physical buttons. These newer ones use several pages of LCD screens that take awhile to change.
And you can’t feel the LCD ‘button’ in the dark. And all of the buttons have an aggravating delay. And this button layout is awkward with the physical buttons for Play/Pause/FFWD/RWD/Rec at the top of the remote. Often I use the Harmony’s activity macro to set up my system, and then I pick up the actual cable box remote to change channels and go through the tv guide.
This newer remote doesn’t send out as strong of a signal as earlier remotes.
The programming to set up this remote is less awkward than earlier versions.

In response to an earlier post…
The older and newer Harmony’s don’t force you to use activity style macros, there has also been a ‘Devices’ button that lets you control individual devices. You can watch and listen to different sources.
I never had to call any Harmony tech to have any codes inserted, the computer program does it all, although there have been quite a few aggravating times with the computer programming.
This charging cradle is much, much better.

I own tons of Logitech equipment and I keep coming back because the quality is there. With the Harmony line I think the value is in the Harmony Smart Control- $99 on Amz. The Home Control is the updated version I believe & is $50 more for buttons with electrical outlet pics. The entire app enabled line comes with a free Harmony app for all your iPhones, iPads and Android devices(no app limit.) You’re limited to controlling 8 devices with the Smart Control. There are different device limits with different Harmony remotes. If you’re setting this up for non-techical people who don’t want the hassle of reading a menu or remembering button mapping or using an app on their phone/tablet definitely go with this or another touch + icon enabled remotebut not refurbed.
If your home is Smart* - I wouldn’t use these to control HVAC and other devices. You could but the Harmony app on a tablet is nicer or another large Smart Home remote device may be faster and simpler for you. Logitech does support tons of devices and it can learn from remotes not listed which not all others do so it could be your only choice to control everything with one remote.

My comments apply to all the Harmony line with apps. The Smart Control is the black 6in remote with no touch screen. Everyone in my family has multiple tablets and phones so it’s an easy solution and programming Activities (think macros with NO learning curve) is simple. The hubs even send bluetooth signals to my HTPC to perform various tasks. These later Harmony remotes have bluetooth included which is an add-on for earlier products in their line which aren’t able to use the app. You will need bluetooth for most newer game systems, HTPC control and it’s nice that you don’t need a repeater port in your viewing room to control devices in a media closet or adjacent room. The bluetooth range will penetrate walls. I haven’t tried large distances (greater than 30ft.) I still haven’t gotten around to programming my HVAC remote into the Harmony hub because it will do that too. I have long button presses setup to start various apps on my TV and game systems, one for setting the sleep timer to 60 minutes on the 55in Viera in my bedroom. They even come with repeaters and a couple of repeater ports so I didn’t need all the repeaters I bought before installing everything in my media closets.

Only cons are if you change your wifi passwords the hub will no longer be connectable and you have to plug it in to your Mac or PC to reconfigure it. Occasionally it will do a firmware install when your phone/tablet app connects to it and it checks for an update.
Another con is Logitech hadn’t setup the right channel list for Dish TV & my Hopper(or Joeys). The channels were mangled but I never setup channel specific Activities (macros) I schedule recording and all that ahead of time directly on the Hopper.

One customer service issue I had once and wasn’t duplicated (probably because I didn’t have to call in again) was when I called in to let them know they mangled all the channel numbers for my area and provider the guy (Filipino, very nice) started altering my Activities and doing other stuff with my account without asking and without my request. I was pretty pissed about that at the time.

I think the value is in the Smart Control minus all the touch screen and rechargers (it uses CR2032 batteries - note I’ve had huge downtime with some knee surgeries and put tons of hours on these and no sign of battery death 1.5years in) but being able to have an end-user touch a labeled device on the screen without any 3rd party Android or iOS device will fit certain users and environments (conference rooms.) I would not go refurb though a real sale elsewhere would be better. Maybe go warehouse on Amazon.

I have Harmony remotes and Logitech K400R keyboards paired with every entertainment center in my home. Havent’ changed batteries yet.

Up to 8 devices

Good luck.

****The Smart Control, Home Control & Ultimate Home Control units have RF.

Wow, you must be really old! But you have a great memory if you can recall that it was 880 years ago! =)

I started out with the cheaper Logitech Harmony Smartcontrol three years ago and really liked it but hit the 8 device limit quickly. It was painful to my checkbook, but after two years of use I’d never trade my Ultimate. I’m up to twelve devices so far. One of the best things is they’re continually updating it. Turn it on one day and now it supports Hue lights, a little while later they roll out PS4 support, it just keeps getting better.

As one person stated, the only knock I have against it are the play/pause buttons are on the top and out of the way but they’re backlit so easy enough to find even though I have to look for them. To fast forward or skip back or pause I swipe the screen so I never need to look for those buttons.

I love Harmony remotes- I hate charging stations. I have the 650 that I paid like $40 for at Costco or Sams a few years ago. It does all I need it to do and the batteries last like 4 months. I never have to put it on a charging cradle. What’s the point of having a remote if you have to worry about docking it every few days and if you forget? For all those “I don’t want to fill up landfills with batteries…” use rechargeable AA eneloops.

I’m assuming this is really designed for devices that connect to a home network to receive their commands. I have a Wii, CD changer, and AV Receiver that all would need IR control. They don’t connect to the Internet at all for remote commands. I see that there are two mini IR blasters included. Do those require a USB port or are they a wire you run to the components?

To be clear, this one does use RF for signals as well?

The charging really isn’t an issue. My charger sits right next to the couch and if you forget to charge it you get a usable amount of charge within a few minutes.

But if the couch is in the middle of the room and the end table next to the couch isn’t by an outlet- then you need to have an extension cord running through the room or you have to set it somewhere else, then I have to move my lazy a$$. I do love the Harmony system, and I don’t mind spending the $$- it’s just not an overall win for me though. I’m waiting for a home Tesla system where you don’t have to plug anything in.

I think you’ve read the information incorrectly. The only part of the device that requires an internet connection is when you connect the device to your computer to configure it. All of your devices are controlled by IR (i.e., CD changer), WiFi (i.e. Nest thermostat) or Bluetooth (i.e., Playstation 3/4), which all comes from the hub. The IR blasters are cords connected to the hub, which obviously needs to be close to those items in order to attach them. RF is used by the remote itself to communicate with the hub, which can be placed in a cabinet, closet, or another room entirely.