Logitech Harmony Ultimate Touch Screen Remote

4.2 Stars over at Best Buy

Just bought the non-touch screen version of this during Amazon’s sale the other day (for just $100 brand new).

It’s pretty great. Once you get the handle on the logics of the software setup you can do a ton of stuff with it.

One thing I absolutely LOATHE is the ergonomics of the controller. It’s freakin’ razor thin. I don’t know what hands they used to test it, but it’s hard to hold as you go to press buttons and it sort of slips right out. It’s not that dramatic and you can get used to it, but it’s a total head scratcher.

edit: Woops my ergonomic comments go on the other versions. This touch screen one appears to have a grip on the back thank god.

The ergos of the lcd remote aren’t bad, although the touch screen is very sensitive.

Although nothing compares to the perfection of the TIVO peanut, for ease of use, the remote does a good job, and the App is even better, as the interface changes to match the device you’re controlling.

Does it come with the Galaxy One M9?

Harmony remotes program using software on a Logitech website. In the past, they’ve obsoleted models by just shutting off the URL!

There are a lot of good remotes out there. These aren’t among them.

I bought on about 2 months ago. I love mine. It controls almost anything that uses a remote. Only problem I see is you cannot directly enter channel numbers. I use the favorite channel setup or guide to change channels. I used a One for several years and this remote is even easier to setup.

My wife and I bought one of the non-touchscreen versions of the Harmony last year, and we tried loving it for almost two days before we traded it in for a pair of Logitech 650 remotes. Best trade we’ve ever made!

The Harmony app is unwieldy and a little slow (and no, my network wasn’t the problem); too slow to reliably use it to rewind or fast forward with any precision. Further, although it claims you can customize your app layout, there’s almost nothing you can really change, and that means swiping through a few screens of buttons every time you want to use anything more than just a basic function.

The remote that came with it was a treat, and would have solved all of our problems except, well, did you notice above that I mentioned TWO remotes? Yeah, we like to each have one, and the way these Harmonys are set up you can only have the one physical remote connected to the hub. The app would have solved that if it worked a bit better, and if the hub could update the connected devices to know what your other connected devices have already done (i.e. if you turn the power on using the remote, the app on your phone / tablet / whatever won’t operate until you tell it to turn the power on, at which point it turns the power OFF).

I really, REALLY want to love these things…but I can’t just yet. Logitech, PLEASE expand the functionality of the hub, or at least make the app a bit better. Then, and only then can you have more of my money.

Uh… wha? Harmony are largely considered the best universal remote series out there.

I have no idea what you’re talking about them obsoleting remotes by shutting off a URL.

You can set these up a number of ways. The phone app or connected to a PC. It’s very easy.

Save yourself some cash and buy a brand spanking new Harmony 650 from the mother ship for sixty-five bucks. The 650 doesn’t have RF (nor do any of these), so save your money. There is no bargain to be had in this Woot offering.

I can’t decide if I should get the one and then add my smart control Hub or get the home with the home automation hub. I use wink and Ge stuff which is not and won’t be supported without another hub add on, so I kind of feel like there’s no point in the home Hub

Does anyone have thoughts about the differences in the actual remote portion? They look identical but Iirc the one remote is more feature rich?

I feel like there’s no reason to spend another $60 on the home kit when I have a smart control hub that pairs with the one, perhaps I’m missing something?

Once the smart control hub is added the one remote is programmed via the app, or can be right?

Lots of bad information in this thread. The Ultimates have both RF and Bluetooth. I have both an Ultimate and a Harmony hooked up to one hub. I have just a Harmony in our bedroom. I’ve been using mine for two years and wouldn’t trade them for anything. I have twelve devices and ten different modes to switch between and the Ultimate does it easily and effortlessly. If your A/V setup goes beyond a TV & cable box I can’t recommend the Ultimate enough. I upgraded from the Harmony b/c I ran out of devices it could control. If I had to pick one downside to balance the review out it would be the ergonomics of the remotes, namely the placement of the play/pause/FF/RW buttons on the very top of the remote. Not ideal, but not a deal breaker either.

WIll this fully control my Comcast cable box? I have my components behind a wall and would love to have everything run through one remote.

Any information is appreciated.

While I have been using the standard edition of this system for two years and highly recommend it, I think the prices are terrible. You’d do better looking at amazon warehouse for one with an LCD. That is what I would have liked to trade up to but he’ll if I’m going to pay $190 bucks for a refurb on woot.

Another fine example of how really terrible woot is these days.

Most newer smart phones have a remote option. Which I use my phone for when my wife becomes a remote hog. I see no reason to spend money on something that is just a remote when I spend less on a phone that can act as a remote surf the web, text, make phone calls. So why would I need this?

I do believe that ‘shutting off a URL’ is inaccurate, and it didn’t actually end all support for the models in question, but maybe the original poster was just trying to simplify. My only gripe with Harmony remotes is indeed regarding legacy support, and does involve a web tool being depreciated.

I have a 650 and a 670, both of which I have had for many years. When I first configured them there was the option of using a Web portal or desktop software to set them up, and the two tools were incompatible after initial setup, meaning that to change configurations you needed to use whichever tool you chose for initial configuration.

I chose the Web portal and proceeded to set them up for my environment, which is highly complicated. In addition to normal A/V devices I have Windows PC’s with IR receivers as well as an XBMC system, which require configuring specific ‘devices’ in the remote to issue what are essentially keyboard shortcuts to the PCs. As a result my initial setup took a lot of trial and error, and the exact configuration for easiest operation involved weeks of tweaking buttons and menus so that more complicated tasks were easily accessible.

After a couple of years, one of my remotes was eaten by a friend’s dog. When I went to setup a replacement I found that the Web tool was gone, and that I needed the old remote to be in working order to migrate my old settings to a new desktop tool that had replaced the old desktop one as well as the Web portal. The web portal settings were not retrievable from Logitech, so no remote, no settings.

So, TLDR, they did ‘Turn Off’ a URL and it did force me to waste hours of my life reconfiguring, but the remote was still supported through an alternative tool.

And because i’m apparently a technological masochist, I decided to switch the functions of the two models since I was setting one up again anyway. The new tool also did not allow for the transfer of settings between the old remote and the new one for various reasons, so I ended up doing them both from scratch.

Here’s hoping that the ‘new’ desktop tool is still around for the next time I need to make a change…

I got this setup about 6 months ago and it is the best! Controls everything wifi enabled in my home, including thermostats and sonos speakers. Have the hub in a closet with all my gear. No wires in my den! Phone app is great too.

I’d +1 a recommendation for a 650.

While I haven’t tried the newest Harmony remotes with a touch screen, my previous experience with some of the others in the line has been that they tend to be overly complicated and there’s not enough return in the extra complexity.

For me, the 650 straddles the line between convenience and complication perfectly. And it uses regular AA batteries so I can just change them out when they die every three months or so.

The Ultimate hub based remote is awesome. Some post on here are very misleading. For example, the remote is programmed from a desktop app, not online at Logitech’s website. That is very old info. It does have RF, IR, and Bluetooth. I can control my PS4 with it very nicely (it won’t turn the PS4 on, but that isn’t Logitech’s fault - Sony restricts that to a controller only). I have a lot of components and people who want to just listen to Pandora don’t need to know that these components turn on, setting this here, etc. One button macro and everything is on and working. And you can directly enter the channels, there is a number screen on the touch pad. If you have questions, I may be able to help.

I searched the description and specs and don’t see anything about RF. I do not believe these units have RF. My Universal RF20 is still going strong, once you go RF you’ll never go back.