Logitech Illuminated Wireless Living-Room Keyboard

Does this one support Bluethoot, It’s not really clear for me.


Vendor confirms Yes, Bluetooth and USB unifying receiver included.

Can the batteries be replaced?

Sounds like it’s just a rechargeable battery, no need for replacing.

A 17 lb keyboard? can we get an update on that stat?

amazon shows

Item Weight 1.1 pounds

this is a great price compared to the mothership.

Updated to 1.7lbs. Good catch, thanks!

I have the baby version of this - K400 and love it. We have a spare laptop hooked to the TV and use it for that. Steam, YouTube, etc etc

I know that this isn’t made of OS X, but does anyone know if it works at all? Would one just need to repurpose the Ctrl and Function keys or something? Or is this just not a good buy for a Mac user?

I just need it for the media server connected to the TV.

Per the vendor: Unfortunately this keyboard will not work with Macs.

I just bought one from Mothership last week for $74. The Unified Receiver works great with the Logitech Mac Preference pane. Connects to use my rear bedroom TV thru 2 walls and 25ft to my 2007 MacMini with OsX 10.6 Snow Leopard running EyeTV. Haven’t tried to invert the command/option keys, use the media controls, or Bluetooth yet.(the Unified receiver does require a dedicated USB port for which I use an un-powered 4 port extender.)

I’m getting this woot for the LR!

Oops! Cannot connect Bluetooth on 2007 Mac Mini or 2009 MacBook both running Os X 10.6 Snow Leopard.I should mention the Logitech Unified Receiver control panel was previously installed from purchase of a Logitech M570 Trackball and the keyboard does not show up as a “configurable device”.

A few tests connected with Unified Receiver: F11 goes to the desktop and back, but volume buttons show on screen but NOT FUNCTIONAL with a crossed out circle.No time to check further if Mac key substitution works right now.

However bluetooth does connect fine with older Ipad 3 running IOS 8 and iPhone 6+ with IOS9. Media keys not tested with IOS.