Logitech K340 Wireless Keyboard

I have to say, I’m not crazy about this keyboard. Backlit would be better.

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Agree, it needs to be backlit…

Yup. My Logitech backlit lasted for about 18 months. Got it here. I’ll wait for it.

Meanwhile, the redheaded chick is checking out to make a wake-up call. You people need some coffee…or beer…or tequila. I expect a livelier place when I come back, bwahahahaha!

backlit battery powered keyboard? I can’t afford the batteries :stuck_out_tongue:

W00T moderator, where are you! The icons for mohavemarv and kippyj are reversed! It’s not that I’m green (other than I live in the Green Mtn. state) but most importantly kippyj has red hair!

I’ve been using Synergy to use my netbook to control the mouse and keyboard on my Desktop. I was looking to get a keyboard I could sit on my desk just when I need to enter my password and what not.

Mission Accomplished! Although, to echo the previous comments. Back-light would have been nice. But, at $20.00 beggars can’t be choosers. =]

Logitech uses rechargeable nimh in their’s

Anyone else get this and not get batteries and/or the receiver?

Already e-mailed service@woot.com, but wondering if I’m the only one.

Out of curiosity, did you look in the battery compartment for the receiver? It looks like there might be a storage clip for it there.

It does look like there would be one there. I believe there’s an arrow illustration for it next to where the batteries would go!

But nope – it’s absent. =]

Drat. Worth a try. Customer Service should be getting back with you on Monday. Sorry for the problems. :frowning:

Haha, it was the second place I thought to look for the receiver, too!
Thanks for the help. Looking forward to a timely e-mail!

> Anyone else get this and not get batteries and/or the receiver?

I got the batteries but not the receiver. I just sent mail to service@woot.com as well.

Lol, I got the “replacement package” today. Only batteries were in the package – no Unifying Receiver. Sent another e-mail to service@woot.com, but I’ve had this keyboard for a while now without being able to use it… =[
$10 for a replacement unifying receiver!

Yes! Hopefully they responded in a timely manner. Just opened it and don’t have batteries or receiver either. Did they send you what you needed?

5/10 - ordered the keyboard
5/15 - sent out the initial e-mail, stating an absence of both batteries and receiver.
5/16 - received an e-mail about a replacement package order being placed
5/20 - received replacement package, but only had batteries (no receiver). e-mailed again.
5/23 - received an e-mail about another replacement order being placed.
5/31 - no replacement tracking received, so I e-mailed =[
***6/1 - “The replacement order on this particular replacement is going to take longer to receive because we have to wait for the item to be returned to us and then reshipped to you. If you’ve not received tracking data by Tuesday, please let us know.”

***Just an FYI to those who might also be waiting. =[ Frustrating, I know – to place an order and receive a fully working keyboard after a month. The receiver is $10 new from Logitech.