Logitech K360 Wireless Keyboard Black




Generally 4ish star ratings. Loads of reviews so it’s a popular item. Lower price (although it’s a refurb).

I think I’m in for one. Been needing a new wireless keyboard.

Been meaning to pick one of these up for my mom for awhile now to replace her ancient wireless keyboard. At this price, I can’t pass it up.

Alright I cheated and went to office depot to pick one up for $20 yesterday after work. I didn’t want to wait for shipping just to save a buck.

Anyway, I can give an honest review at least!

Pretty decent little keyboard. Pretty big and separated buttons, it’d be great for someone who might need help seeing the buttons (like those jitterbug phones). I was using it on my couch across the room from the receiver (10ft) and it worked just fine for me. The only real flaw I can see mine has is the power switch. It’s tiny and doesn’t really click into the on or off position. I might need to take mine apart to fix that somehow, but otherwise it’s worth it even at the $20 price point I got it at.

I got this last time it was offered for two reasons. First it is smaller than a regular keyboard. Second I am able to use it with one unified adapter along with my favorite wireless mouse the Logitech M705. Works great, nice feel and no issues.