Logitech K400 Wireless Touch Keyboard

Logitech K400 Wireless Touch Keyboard

Does this work with LG OLED TVs?

Depends if you have the USB Dongle for Logitech devices. Usually the keyboard and mouse will connect to the TV or system fairly quickly once you have the USB connector and pair it.

Title and index say K400 but item page main heading says K400 Plus.

We have a character limit on that short title in the boxes. Looks like Plus wouldn’t fit.

How you pair this keyboard? It came with 2 batteries and a return label

Hi there. It’s not Bluetooth. It uses a dongle that was included with the keyboard. The instructions are here:


Dongle did not come with the keyboard only 2 heavy duty batteries, this is only a paperweight w/o the dongle, it is useless.

Hi there. USB dongle is cleverly hidden in the box:


I got a white box that looked more like bulk packaging. The dongle is under the battery cover and very easy to miss. It does appear to be logitechs unifying receiver also so you can use multiple devices on a single dongle.

AHA! Thank you for that information!!!

Mine was also in a white box, but not under the battery cover. I can check again, but I’m pretty sure that I never got one. I do have another dongle from Logitech, but so far it has not been connecting.

Edit: Yes, it was in the same place under the battery cover. I did not think to look on the other side of the cover. I expected it to be stuffed into that little slot next to the batteries.

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