Logitech K400 Wireless Touch Keyboard

Logitech K400 Wireless Touch Keyboard

Great keyboard for a NUC that you make into HTPC…

Now that sports are back…

The best solution…

This keyboard turns into a large remote with that integrated mouse…

Also good keyboard for a HEK that you make into DFYU…

Only $3 more for the same one new at the mothership


I had one of these; bought brand new from someplace else. But it just stopped working out of the blue one day. I didn’t even use it much. Sadly not the only Logitech keyboard that crapped out on me… and yet I keep buying Logitech keyboards.

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I got one of these last time. The keyboard feel is quite good, the trackpad is just ok. It’s good enough that I use it daily with a Surface Pro so I can keep the tablet farther away.

I wish it were Bluetooth, though! Death to dongles!

And BB and that big office supply store and … for pick up tomorrow.

Not that great a deal. Currently cheaper brand new at Target.

That is the original K400. This is the “newer” K400 plus.

Mine was delivered today… without the unifying USB adapter - rendering it useless. :frowning:

Look for it in various places:

on the back of the keyboard
in a small slot on the box
some compartment

They hide that little bugger.

Thanks. It didn’t come in it’s box. I’ve have a couple of these (retail) in the past. There’s a spot in the battery compartment for it - no. They sent a couple batteries in a small “zip lock” bag - no USB adapter.

The keyboard came sealed in it’s own plastic bad. The paired unified receiver should have been sealed with the keyboard. I thoroughly sorted through all the packaging - nothing.

I couldn’t hardly believe it. It’s a handy keyboard / touchpad combo… just that’s it useless if you can interface it with a device :frowning: extremely discouraging. I figure with the refund, I can buy a replacement USB Unifying Receiver and salvage it.