Logitech K750 Solar Wireless Keyboard

I can’t speak to how one of these would be refurbished, but I bought one new last September, and I love it. I’m a fan of chicklet-style keyboards, and this one is especially easy to type on. It’s very slim and very light. I’ve never had any trouble keeping it charged, despite the fact that my office has almost no natural light and vaguely mediocre artificial light. As for the range, I haven’t had reason to test it yet, so I can’t comment.

I’m seriously considering picking one of these up for home. The only downside I’ve found is that the shiny finish collects dust and fingerprints like nobody’s business.

I’ve been using a refurbished Logitech K520 (MK520) keyboard every day for two and half years and the battery charge level still shows as good.


Where’s the Macintosh version? (Hint)

I actually have this board and for the first few months it worked great and I was very pleased with both how light and stylish it was as well as the freedom that it presented me with…being able to move it around without dragging everything off the Desk was a great Boon. However…about 8 months of use and the Battery just will not stay charged for more than a couple days…causing me to have to put it in the window as I leave for work and grab it out as I get home. Maybe with a very strong Lamp over it you might be able to get it to maintain a steady charge…but that would possibly block the use of your screen making it a moot point. I also noted that if I repeatedly pressed the light/battery level check button on the board…that the level of charge would slowly get higher making it stop trying to warn me about it being low…doing this is still kind of annoying though because you are pressing the button over and over for about 5 min to get a number to go up that it should know from the first press In my opinion… Also…when I popped off a key to remove something stuck under it…it never went back on…can’t see what I did wrong but It just refuses to go back…(And while yes…It was my own effort that caused the issue…I have removed and replaced keys on multiple boards in the past without this experience.)
Bottom line here…while your experience may vary with it…I personally would not purchase another. Do not get me wrong…I still have and use it because it works…its just that the quirks that it has are enough of an annoyance that I would not buy another.

I got the white Mac version for work a while back because I was tired of replacing batteries and also wanted a full keyboard with number pad.

It worked out great since I was located in front of a sunny window. When my desk was moved to the back of the office I was afraid it would be the end of my keyboard but the office overhead lights power it even stronger than my window did.

Keys feel nice and the only issue I have is programming the audio control keys (play pause etc) to work with Spotify while it runs in the background.

I’ve had the mac version for about 4 months. No windows in my office and it works fine with just the fluorescent lights as the power source.