Logitech MK550 Wave Keyboard and Mouse

Logitech MK550 Wave Keyboard and Mouse

Just putting in my 2 cents on this keyboard. I purchased this keyboard and mouse about year and a half ago, because of carpel tunnel and trigger finger. I only have a laptop and using the laptop keyboard for more than a few minutes was excruciating. Anyway, I give it top and billing. I haven’t experienced any lag time from keyboard to the laptops screen. Logitechs claim about a long battery life, it’s true. I haven’t had to change them yet. I use it daily probably average 3 to 4 hours a day. The wave design does allow me to comput longer and can walk away without so much excruciating pain that I’d rather cut my hand’s off. Anyway 5 stars.


When is coming back this offer I need one asap. Thanks!!

Hi there. Not sure. Not in time for an ASAP need most likely though. Sorry.

I also would love to know when this comes available again! I have have these type of keyboard exclusively for years and love them! Now they are hard to find.

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Only because ThunderThighs says this is not expected in Woot for a while - for those who need and whose wrists ache and who are willing to purchase certified renewed from the mothership:

Hope this helps some of you.