Logitech MK550 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

I have their older MX 5000 Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. It’s great, has a LCD display and a really nice multi button mouse BUT, the Bluetooth connection is constantly dropping or sometimes just refusing to connect on reboot. It’s gotten much worse since PGE installed the smart meters that have RF technology that seemed to at first interfere with some cell phones, and my keyboard.
This one has the newer 2.4 mini plug RF style and so far the one small keyboard I have that uses it never drops connection and this deal is cheap enough, though if you shop you might find a slightly better price for a refurbed version.
So going to bite the bullet and see how this does as I’ve been waiting for a deal to upgrade to the newer tech, maybe not better features, but it should work better.

I’m in love with this set. I’ve used it at work for maybe 5 years so we’re talking all day typing and clicking 5 days a week. Battery life is great - I replace batteries in the keyboard and mouse about once per year. Once you go no wires and big delete key you never go back.

Mine showed up today in a double boxed brown box setup. Keyboard looks brand new and immediately fired up when I plugged in the mini receiver though eventually I did pair it up. My old mouse had a few more buttons and scroll wheel feels smoother but I can do almost everything with this set I could with the fancy Blu tooth one, just no LCD display. A few of the keys decided not to work but I just gently tweaked the case and everything seems fine again. Not too bad for 35 bucks and keys are even sorta clicky but soft touch at the same time and probably great for a proper touch typist.