Logitech MK620 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

So is this both the Logitech K920 (Android keyboard with case) and Logitech MK620 (PC keyboard), or just the MK620?

Do I get a freebie for spotting an error?

While I’m asking questions I might as well throw these out there:

Will my socks ever be as white as they were when new?

How can I make my glassware sparkle?

How do I get rid of those stubborn stains?

Will SmartPost/SurePost ever not be terrible?

I feel like I’m missing something…

Yes, this is both the keyboard and the mouse.

No no, the error in the description was that it has part numbers for a Android keyboard (K920) and a different PC keyboard+mouse set (MK620).

We are - confused - by this. But we did order expecting only the MK620 to be shipped.


UPDATE: Model number is correct. Seems Logitech uses weird number schemes for combo sets.