Logitech Mobile Traveller Bluetooth Headset



I’ll pass…one of those that flop on your ear.


Here are the Froogle prices…

Froogle Prices


This would be nice for my Dell 700m laptop since the mic port (ahem) doesn’t work.



does that mean someone might be interested in the hundreds of used q-tips in my bathroom garbage?


refurb and bluetooth?!

ill take 3.


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Logitech Mobile Traveller Bluetooth Headset
$14.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Logitech Mobile Traveller Bluetooth Headset LBTHS03


Nice… But I have more headsets than I do ears already :smiley:

37 Woots and Counting…


Is this thing PS3 compatible?


…at $79.95…seems a good deal, but i have college books to pay for and no one likes the people with those things anyway


“V” Omg Holy 80’s flying mammal man
Thats as dated as this piece


how aobut the fact that its refurbished thus meaning someone else probably used it…someone elses ear??? yum!


Not a very good price for a refurb.

I’ll pass.


If only it wasn’t a refurb! Refurbs…Just say no!!


Yar, if only my crappy phone had bluetooth. And i hadn’t already bought a wired hands free headset…


I am looking for a plug for my Mobile Freedom headset (which for some reason I love more than any other BT headset, but lost the plug) - anyone know if the plug for this Mobile Traveler is the same as the one for the Mobile Freedom?

Hopefully someone can help!


Or better yet, MAC compatible???!


$20 + $5 shipping NEW on Ebay…I’m willing to pay $5 more to know that it wasn’t in someone else’s ear.


Can I use this to pwn noobs in Counterstrike and GarrysMod with my blue-tooth equipped computer?

Will sound still play through my speakers if I’m using this mic/earpiece?

I don’t even have a bluetooth phone but i’m pissed about having a crappy built-in mic i use to to yell bad words at campers.


Does anyone have any experience with this model? I’ve got a Moto bluetooth headset that sounds like crap already. Thanks