Logitech MX600 Wireless Laser Mouse

What am I starting?

Eeek a mouse


It’s got frickin’ laser beams!


was actually going to buy the picture frame to get something out of this woot off

how many mouses do I need for life?

i have a mighty mouse.

I bought a bluetooth razer off woot a while ago, or I might consider this…

Today’s woot-off consists of lazer mice and digital picture frames.

No flywheel technology = no buy.

Type quick!

This will go great with the next item…


I use this mouse at work. Quality item.

I’d be getting one if I didn’t already have a MX1100. This mouse is pretty good for $25.

i had this mouse with my first laptop. it lasted a LONG time on batteries. like 5 months after everyday use, id recommend it.

This is my daily driver at work, great mouse.

speed woot time?

This would be awesome if it were not wireless, was labled G5 or G9, and there was enough for me to actually get one.