Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse



Why not always better than an emergency tabbing around.


This will go great with the PS/2 keyboards they sold a while ago… if anyones computer can actually use them.


5.37 Total?

no way!


at least there is No Mouse Ball
good for you if your USB mouse is not good for your OS


pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Logitech 953695-0403 Optical Wheel Mouse
condition: Refurbished

$0.37 + $5 shipping


How many have we all thrown out over the years!

Prolly one of the worst Woots I have seen.


Sorry - maybe if it included a PS2 to USB adapter - but the $5 shipping - even for three is a deal breaker :frowning:

<3 woot!


Seriously not worth the $0.37 + shipping - PS2 connectors.so 90’s and sad.


dude…people who are in won’t buy just one…think…
3 for 6.11. not a bad deal for optical mouse but refurb? hmmm i guess it either works or doesnt…


Grabbed Three. Work pitches a fit when I ask them to give me an optical mouse. I’ll just install my own darn mouse.


I would be all over this if it was wireless. But 'tis not, so good night.


not worth…
ps2 mouse… who uses them anymore…


awesome, i really needed one of these (i’m actually not kidding)
was just pricing them earlier today. and this was the best price with shipping that i came up with between geeks.com amazon.com and i think buy.com too…
now if i could just find a decently priced power cable i’d be all set


im still using non usb keyboard/mouse, i have a eluminx keyboard and a ms mouse,

both work great, and my comp is a 2gb gaming monster (asus p4p800)

dont scoff at the ps/2 my sons


I’m guessing your in for 3. :slight_smile:


I guess nobody here uses KVM switches or you can afford USB ones. The one I have is PS2 for both keyboard and mouse…been using a ball mouse with it forever…I am in for 3. $6 for three mice…hmmm…


Got 3, this’ll free up a USB slot for something more important, so Meh, $6.11 isn’t bad.


USB hashes on your CPU… well known fact. Not a bad idea to have an extra mouse around, Or a KB…

Just an opinion. Run to wally world when an input device goes wacky. HAH. Use this cheap till newegg arrives. :slight_smile:


Not a bad deal for people that still use the PS/2 inputs.
In for three to match up with the three keyboards I got.

Woot! should give a deck of cards or something with this if they are making it $0.37 each and not $0.01 each!