Logitech PlayGear Share Audio Splitter – 2-Pack

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Logitech PlayGear Share Audio Splitter - 2-Pack
$1.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 Logitech PlayGear Share Audio Splitter - 980378-0403

nice woot! in for one!

for those who want to check the comparison sites… check useful linkage for the comparison links… turns out to be a solid woot… definitely… so don’t trip… but what is this thing really?

WTF is this for?

it’s like you could have a lan party… but with your ears!

would splitting my audio signal produce any sort of unwanted noise?

Cheapest woot I’ve ever seen.

Not a bad deal if you want to be connected to another person by the cords. Personally I would prefer 2 mp3 players.

Doesn’t look to bad, actually. I think I might have to pass on this Woot though. I can think of little occasion to use it.

One set is around 7 bucks. Get em if you think you’ll ever need them.

nice product but a little pricy after s+h

“Multi-lingual Setup Guide”

For morons ALL OVER the planet.

Why not. In for the Tuesday special.

It is so 2 people can listen to the same audio device, instead of one headphone each… Granted couples look cuter if they are sharing headphones :wink:

it lets you use 2 headphones sets in one jack

shouldn’t have to pay 5 bucks to ship a 2 buck product… especially one this small.

I have absolutely no use for them. Pretty cool woot though. :slight_smile:

Good if you have multiple kids, a laptop with a dvd player, and long trips!

Anybody know if portable DVD players use this plug?