Logitech PlayGear Share Audio Splitter – 2-Pack

Exactly what I needed to split my audio between the projector and wireless outside speakers. Priced similar Generic 1/8th splitter @ radioshack for 6.99.

Got my 6 for less than the price of 1. Shipping covers the gas and standing in line price.

You should see the bags of crapage. They’re only half the price!

Looks cool…but radio shack probably has something equivalent for the same price…

This is not a good one… I stayed up for this?!? Try R@di0 Sh@ck or something… Who needs 2 of these?

picked up 1 twopack - pretty cheap - may need them somewhere down the road…

No, seriously, Radio Shack.

This is a very useful product. I bough one for five dollars and it was a good deal at the time. This is a great woot!!!

Actually, if you use both, you could use 3 headphones in one jack.

Can you “daisy chain” these together and have 6 others listen with you?

Bad on the drives, yeah I know, but eh? can ya?

Carefull, the RIAA may sue you for letting someone else listen to your music

In for 3. The processing of my order sure went quicker than my BOC from the Wootoff last week!!!

This is so strange because not 3 hours ago I was wondering if they even made such a thing, and if they did, I was going to buy one. I guess I bought six!!!

10 dollars each at Radioshack.


Multi-lingual Setup Guide - (English, French, Spanish)

Really? No. seriously. REALLY?

First time I’ve ever been able to ding woot! for exorbitant shipping charges.

Would this work in reverse? Using it as an input for two audio devices? Meaning, does it make a true stereo signal mono? Or does it simply layer them, or would it not work at all?

I’m thinking of this as a cheap alternative to getting stereo-ish sound into a mono input.

I’m in for a few. I can see these all over eBay in a few days…

hooray my first woot! perfect for the long car/bus rides i go on with friends. so cheap how could i not?

You never saw any Random Crap for $1.00 or the Ridiculous Heated windshield wiper kit for $0.01…?

Ebay link

2 bucks for 1 - looks more flexible too

Well heck, I got one. You can never have too many little audio connectors and splitters and converters and such… :stuck_out_tongue: