Logitech Portable Speakers for iPod



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Logitech Portable Speakers for iPod
$19.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Logitech MM22 Portable Speakers for iPod


Bah! more ipod stuff!


Bummers, I only wish I had an IPOD. :frowning:


Now if I just had an IPod to go with it!


Ya gotta love how they sell us all iRiver H10s, and then they sell this Ipod stuff.

I’ll pass, I have a superior player.


i am amassing ipod stuff… guess i need to get one now !


damn…i JUST bought some portable logitech speakers (for the PSP) that i use with my ipod… they sound great so im sure these sound just as good

night all


I guess it isn’t Nano compatible?


These look interesting. I doubt these things even understand what bass means.

And by bass I mean the fish.


Bought these speakers for my girlfriend a while ago for about $35 or $40. Pretty good sound for the price. These are not iPod only speakers, they have two different size cords you can use from any headphone-style plug audio source. Good sound, and they’re really small, and come with a carrying case. Great price on these… jump on it.

NOTE: YOU CAN USE THESE WITH ANY IPOD, ANY MP3 PLAYER, ANY AUDIO SOURCE. They are also battery powered, or AC powered.


So, it just uses the headset jack?

In my experience, the sound quality drops off a lot that way with an Ipod.


For those curious, these do NOT use a dock connector, they simply have a short 3.5mm (1/8") stereo audio cable that plugs in to the headphone jack on the iPod (or other media player)


no need, my audio dreams have come true with my new babies, my grado sr80s


What!! No support for 5G!!!


I bought me three of these babys. w00t!


Eh woot…Only for 3G,4G and mini? Blahhhh


Not too shabby, though I don’t have much need for it (unless it can work with Thursday’s RCA player hehe).

$39.99 at Amazon.


dont do apple, pass


Are these nano compatible?