Logitech Quickcam Chat Webcam



pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Logitech 961462-0403 Quickcam Chat USB2 Webcam with Built-In Microphone
condition: Manufacturer Refurbished

$7.99 + $5 shipping


Manual focus though?


I’ll pass on the refurb. I’ve never had good luck with Logitech. Their drivers just don’t like my computer.


Happy Thanksgiving Sellouters!


Is this the same type of camera the kid in the first American Pie movie used to film Shannon Elizabeth?


basic standard good one. much better than the no name brand sold here.


Still missing the headsets that were listed last time. It said included. No replies from service email, Which is odd.


Wow, I just bought one of these yesterday at Wal-Mart for 24.99. Came with some cheapy headset with a mic. I like it though…


mac capaiable?


O what ever no go…


why else would it have to be manufactured?


Almost a Repeat, Model #: 961402-0403 (Nov 4) Vs 961462-0403 (Today)
Although, maybe the headsets that never showed up with the last ones will come with these once, since they are $3 more.

I guess I’ll take a dive for the Turkey and get three.



Download Macam, it’s got Mac drivers


Is this better than the one from 2 weeks ago?


Yes, It is a slightly newer model, plus this one has headset written over it a little more, so looks like you might get one this time :slight_smile:
Although they get you with the extra $3s vs the older one.
Good luck choosing to buy it or not



In for 3! I’m heading to Iraq, and these will make good Christmas gifts for the family so we can keep in touch!


vista compatible?


Was buying a Mac worth it, if you have to ask that question every single woot?


Does the cam have a built in microphone?


Is that a poop on my monitor, or am I just unhappy to see this?