Logitech QuickCam Connect IM Webcam

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Logitech QuickCam Connect IM Webcam
$14.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Logitech QuickCam Connect IM Webcam 961459-0403

Have one, its decent… for the price its great.

Is this any good?

If i didn’t dislike refurbed stuff, and had a use for a webcam I’d be all over this like something that is all over something else… I’m to tired to think of a good analogy.

logitech makes garbage products…come on guys, start buying up lots of Sony, and other decent brands…

More pricing info on similiar models…

SecretPrices … $23+ (new)

PriceGrabber … $39 (new)

I have this cam. Paid 50 or 60 via BB for it. Its agood cam. However I want to use it for a video security system in my part of the office to figure out what prying hands keep going in my desk.

Any reco’s for free software to use for such a scheme?

pm me info please

I just want a mic. Not headphones and a mic (yesterday’s woot) or a cam and a mic - just a freakin’ mic.

It looks like some kind of one-legged robot cannon. Or maybe I’m just very, very tired.

Any info on quality and price for new?

Any Mac love? Or are we going to have to pony up for a fancy iSight?

Like White on Rice in a Glass of Milk on a Paper Plate in the middle of a Snow Storm

Wow! A laser powered bread maker!!..oh, just a webcam :frowning:

…My girlfriend and I video chat all the time, and I think it’s time I replace the Lego studios camera with something that I won’t be ashamed to go to college with. This may be my first woot.

Try Vision GS – http://www.visiongs.de/

Logitech makes the Harmony universal remote which is the best UR on the market. I’m not sure about Logitech’s other products, but if everything is as good as the Harmony then this must be a great deal.

refurb :frowning:

the problem for me and many others is that the 64 bit web cam drivers aren’t available from Logitech. or from most web cam manufacturers.

However, there are x64 web cams and working(!) drivers available from Creative…! and they work fine for me.