Logitech Slim Combo Case w/ Keyboard

Logitech Slim Combo Case w/ Keyboard

hello Woot??
the specs (?) say this will work for ipad 5th generation - but the last pic doesn’t have the model#'s that I have on MY 5th gen…(it is a 9.7" one - can someone plz check? thx

I believe all 5th and 6th generations are that size (9.7). I was gonna get this but it noticed a bunch of pretty bad reviews on Amazon for this keyboard due to it not working after a couple of months.

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Last photo shows specifically for iPad Pro 10.7" (A1701,A1709) not iPad but iPad Pro. Very confusing. A product part number would help.


ipad 5 is A1822 (wifi) and A1823 (cell).
ipad 6 ia A1893 (wifi) and A1954 (cell).

my guess is this is for ipad pro 2017 (10.5) A1701 (wifi) and A1709 (cell) according to the last picture.


thank you!!

I’m almost positive this is for the 2017 iPad Pro 10.5”.

Hi there. Finally got an answer.

This fits all 5th and 6th gen iPads 9.7” and 10.5”.

It is just the keyboard so there’s no technical difference between the two screen sizes it can be used with.

We also removed the photo that was causing the confusion.

FYI - this does NOT fit a 10.5”. I got it based on the picture and had to request a refund as it didn’t fit my 10.5” iPad Pro.