Logitech Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Who refurbished these? Are they OEM refurbished or done by a third party?

I’ve bought “refurbished” electronics several times from Woot that were in absolutely terrible condition when they arrived, so I’d like to make sure these are refurbished by Logitech before deciding to buy…

We list “Factory Reconditioned” when the manufacturer does the job and “Refurbished” when it’s a 3rd party.

Is there any way Woot can confirm the quality of the refurb on this one?

I got a refurb pair of G930s previously from Woot that were in awful condition, which is why I’m asking. I don’t want to have to go through another return if these are going to be in the same state…

I just got my pair today. I got the wired set, and i’m very happy with it. I could not even tell that this was not a brand new product(aside from packaging). If you do buy this thing, the mic will pick up sound and play it through the headphones. Use the driver software to turn down “side tone” on the equalizer to get rid of it. That’s a stupid feature. The led lighting on this thing is very vibrant. The 5.1 sounds great, especially for gaming.

Thanks for the update! I’ll pull the trigger on the wired ones too then!

I was reading about that side tone the other day and it sounded like it was for people that wanted to hear themselves…

I only really play CS:GO and I use voice_loopback 1 if I ever want to hear what my mic sounds like, which then I can make corrections if needed.

But you are correct, thought that feature was a bit weird since you can enable that within the sound panel.

If you live by a Fry’s the newer version 933 Artemis wireless are on sale with your Sunday promo code all week for $119, a bit more and you get factory warranty.


And I have to thank Woot for cancelling my Oct. 4th order for some unknown reason!

WTF? If unable to fulfill, why is it still up?

Late review but it may help if they are listed again.

I received mine and of course on brown packaging (refurbished) to be expected, no sign of usage, no scratches, but after 2 days of usage I found out why they were returned. The cable (rly nice, thick and long [hehe]) was defective, an unintended pull or when turning my head to the left (thus pulling the cable a little) will disconnect the headset for a split second causing my PC or PS4 to loose connectivity until recognized as a device again (few seconds). I played with it to make sure it was indeed the cable and not the headset. I went to the Logitech website and ordered the Braided Cable for this headset, 15 bucks including shipping. With the new cable (also very long and of good quality) I am SUPER happy with this headset, AWESOME SOUND, PS4 Compatibility a HUGE plus (and it also has increased volume on the PS4 compared to other headsets), I wish it initially came with the Braided USB Cable but you cant get perfect all the time. If they are sold again I may buy the wireless one just to have both (if the wireless drops $10 more to make up for the cable expense hehe).