Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad

I nabbed one of these from woot! during a previous offering about a month back.

This keyboard has almost the same footprint and feel as the keyboard on an older (2007) 13in Macbook. If you don’t like the Macbook keyboard then the Logitech keyboard probably isn’t for you. Otherwise it’s a great little keyboard for the price.

I had no trouble pairing this with an iPad (gen 2) and everything seems to work as advertised. Also paired nicely with my Win7 laptop. (Laptop uses a Broadcom BT chip & driver. YMMV depending on BT chip + driver + stack + OS.)

Closest I can come to a complaint is the lack of case. The keys stick up about 2mm from the surface of the keyboard and it seems like just a matter of time before they are damaged from being shoved into my computer bag. I contacted Logictech to see if the case is available for purchase separately but I haven’t heard back from them yet…

Believe me, we wish we had that kind of arrangement with Amazon. But being an independent subsidiary puts up certain walls in communication.

So Thunder, this one is the one without the case/stand thing? It’s a great keyboard but I want that stand/case gizmo so bad! :frowning:

Good on you guys getting this either way, I’m just picky. Sorry.

Can anyone confirm this is a standard HID device?

Last night my apple bluetooth keyboard died (the “9” key died) I need a replacement for use with a Macbook pro in windows/OSX.

No case this time. What you see is what you get.

I’m planning on getting a Raspberry Pi to connect to the Hisense 40" TV that I bought for my last Woot. This, coupled with a Bluetooth USB dongle, should work nicely for interacting with the Pi from the couch. SOLD!

Does it work with Apple TV?

Saw this at Office Depot for $69 (IIRC) but it came with a case and stand.

Wish Logitech would sell those separately… for a good price too. :slight_smile:

No worries, just had forgot and left on my tinfoil hat! o.O

Anyone know if this will work with a Mac Mini?

It should, as long as the Mini has Bluetooth (which I’m pretty sure all recent Macs do).

Just got my Ouya hooked up over the weekend… since it’s android based, and inputting text from the controller is a PITA, sold…

anybody know if this will work with a BB playbook?

It does not have a row of dedicated function keys like the Apple Wireless Keyboard. I would hope that the “rectangle” key sends [Esc] when hooked up to something besides a tablet, but I don’t know.

I wanted to apply a coupon code but couldnt find where to put it. please cancel my order or subtract $10 from my order (what coupon would do).


email support for assistance. this is a forum for discussing the products.

As luke975 wrote, just email into support@woot.com and they should be able to help you out with your order.

Late on this but wanted to share my thoughts.

This keyboard is awesome. Good feel, easy to hammer on, long battery life, perfect weight and size for a tablet bag.

If you are complaining about no stand I feel you but that is easily solved with a cheap “smart cover” or other case that converts to a stand. If you are carrying a keyboard I doubt the extra bulk of a smart cover will bother you and with this price you can pick up one of the under 10 dollar ones on ebay/amazon and still come out way on top.

The only problem with this is the inability to pair with multiple devices. If this is an issue for you (was for me) get the k810. Rechargeable and back-lit, can pair with 3 devices at once. But it does not come with a case either.