Logitech UE Boom 360° Sound Bluetooth Speaker

Tons of Reviews and 4.7 Stars over at Best Buy

Check out this review over at Cnet

I bought one 6 months ago and sound is awesome! I use it on the Beach and battery life is great (approx. 15 hrs). I use a bungee chord to hang. Tempted to buy another one since I bought for $200.

Great device! I bought one 2 years ago at Verizon because I had 20% discount off of $200 price. Have totally enjoyed the quality sound ever since. I bring it to the beach, on trips, in hotels, to my office on weekends…everywhere. It has impressed many people along the way who marvel at it’s quality in such a compact size.

I have one of these, bought it at Best Buy about 6 months ago, and it is a great product. I researched for at least a week the best bluetooth portable speaker and hands down this one wins no doubt. I’ve carried it to the beach, the lake, outdoor parties, and it does a great job and sounds amazing. For this price, don’t hesitate if you’re on the fence about getting it.

This is a very nice speaker. I received one for Christmas a few years ago and ended up getting one each for my parents and in-laws. This comes with a 1-year warranty so I would guess it is refurbished by Logitech. Make sure you download the UE Boom App to a PC to update the firmware. After that you can update it through the phone app with future updates. With the app, you can turn on the speaker remotely if you have that option turned on. Pairing 2 of these was not as impressive as I had hoped but it is nice to have them in different parts of a large room. It is a quality product which is rare these days.

I bought one of these about 9 months ago at Best Buy for $200 and it’s great. I take it everywhere, camping, biking, walking, to the beach, to the woods, in the garage, when having a cook out, to friends that are having a cookout, fishing, at work.

Thanks for all the positive feedback! I was on the fence at first, now - count me in for 3! There should be a point system (like frequent flyer miles) that build up for ‘truly verifiable’ positive comments. :slight_smile: …hey, it’s worth a try!

The UE Boom did get great reviews when it was released, however now there are better speakers in the market, some that are cheaper such as the JBL flip 3.

I purchased one months ago and love it. Best bluetooth speaker out there…and as others have stated, I researched and researched and found this one has the best reviews. Plus, it’s water repellent and has constant updates to the software. Check out the phone app for it too. Not the best, but operates the speaker remotely and allows you to shut it off remotely as well. Very handy. The newer version of this is completely waterproof and can be submerged, so that’s the only difference, really, that I’ve seen.

Speakers have great sound quality! I love the size too.

This is the most suspicious series of positive reviews I’ve seen in a while. Are these real reviews?

Yeah, I think they are real. Buddy uses one on a week-long bike ride (RAGBRAI, google it if you don’t know what it is). Anyway, the sound was great, it lasted all day every day, and it fits nicely into a water bottle cage. It’s for-real. I can’t speak to it being a refurb, though.

Was thinking the same thing.

Too much beach going or something.

Everyone has quality posts except for you so I’d say they are probably legit.

That said, my friends have one and like it. I had no idea they were this expensive though. Although, reading the comments I see it has more features than my ~$50 one all in a smaller package. Still a little rich for my blood.

EDIT: lol, we used it at the beach also.

They all sound like they used the same template.

I got one of these refurbs on Amazon in January I think. The UE Boom sound is amazing and the battery life is jaw dropping. I did end up having a problem with it though. The plug for charging stopped recognizing the cord. No charge. No nothing.

I contacted Logitech, who makes these, and they checked the number on it, said it was under warranty, and sent me a new one.

So this is something to take into consideration. Even if it’s a refurb, if you have a problem four months down the road like I did, they’re likely going to give you a new one.

So I couldn’t recommend it more.

If you have good things to say about this speaker please don’t use the word “beach” in your review,it’s upsetting people. “Shore” is a good word,use that,thanks.

This speaker is truly the real deal. After spending bad money several times on a lot of cheap speakers, I finally bought one of these (also refurb FWIW)earlier this summer. It is GREAT for outside on the deck, etc. Impressed with the quality and quantity of volume it puts out. Fits in a water bottle cage on a bike. If I have any complaint, it might be that the distance claim for bluetooth might be a bit overstated - when I go in the house with my phone in my pocket, it loses connection and pauses the app (Pandora, TuneIn, SiriusXM). It’s as simple as hitting the play button on any app to get it immediately going though - no re-pairing or anything like that. Battery life is awesome. Go ahead and get one.