Logitech Ultrathin iPad Air Keyboard Folios

One of the best iPad keyboards I have used yet. And supporting iOS devices and their accessories is my job.

Question: Keyboard itself, flat or grooves?

If you look in the photo gallery, there’s a pretty good close-up of the keyboard. They’re flat, island style. That’s better for closing it next to the screen, IMO.

I bought one of these when I first got my iPad air and I really liked it. However it had 2 issues. One is that the magnet did not always reliably shut the iPad off. The other, more major problem is that they plastic clips that hold the iPad tend to break in normal use. I have seen it happen both on mine and one my daughter had and there have been many complaints online about this problem.

Went through two, great little keyboard for when you need it but it A) didn’t go into standby when it seemingly should have, making the battery life far shorter than they claimed. It also didn’t put the ipad to sleep when it was shut. Maybe this is something that can be fixed in settings on the iPad somewhere, but I didn’t see it.

B) There’s a fundamental design flaw in the bracket that holds the iPad in place next to the sleep/wake button. The plastic bracket is thin and inevitably breaks, making the iPad somewhat loose in the case. It never fell out on its own but it would shift slightly and make alignment for things like “propping up” require extra attention. This may also have led to the previous issue I cited.

This is a great little keyboard. I too had the problem with the clip over the power button break off pretty quickly. Other than that, I didn’t have the problem with going into standby. The charge time on mine is outstanding. I think the last time I charged it was in early february and I pretty much use it every day.