Logitech VX Revolution Cordless Mouse

Just be sure to keep plenty of AA batteries around.

But I need a new logitech wireless keyboard and mouse…

eh ebay… buy it now 32 dollars with free shipping. Try again woot.

actually, one alkaline battery lasted me almost a year in this mouse, 8 hours a day 5-6 days a week.

and it’s still the best laptop mouse :slight_smile:

Ebay = no warranty

, your wrong. 32 for a used one, new is about 55 bucks. next time give a link.


Mine is going on 2 months without a change, hmmmmmmm.

these are pretty good, I have two, one for home and one for work. uses 1 AA battery. Battery life isn’t too bad. I’ve other mice that are much worse on battery life.
buttons easy to program.

Great mouse! Use it at my office nonstop and battery life is fine. Fits just right. I’d jump on this but all mice-d up.

Is the plural of a computer mouse, mice? I bought two new mice today doesnt seem right…just asking

I don’t believe that. I use this mouse every day at work and I get 2-3 months per battery. The wheel is mechanical though and it doesn’t spin like it did new.

Still a great mouse though.

Yes, unless your name is Jinx, in which case, they are meeses.

My favorite mouse ever! Batteries do last 6 months minimum, and it only uses one battery versus two like many others. Erognomics are fabulous.

I am in for three. :slight_smile:

Same with me, and when I do change the single AA battery, it’s with a rechargeable. In fact I have three three of these.

Depends whom you buy from. Ebay is a marketplace, not the actual seller. Many major retailers, like Buy.com sell on ebay. That means you’re buying FROM buy.com, only using Ebay as the means to do it.

Actually, it really is mouses. These aren’t rodents.

Webster’s Dictionary
plural also mous·es : a small mobile manual device that controls movement of the cursor and selection of functions on a computer display

If you want something else to say, besides the ridiculous “meeses” LOL Here are a couple of other suggestions.

If you are a Microsoft employee or fanboy, use “mouse devices”…

The Microsoft® Manual of Style for Technical Publications
(ed. Amanda Clark, Microsoft Press, 1995, ISBN 1-55615-939-0)
says: “Avoid using the plural mice; if you need to refer to more
than one mouse, use mouse devices.”

In one forum discussion someone said this:
“I’m firmly persuaded that the plural of ‘mouse’ will eventually become ‘mice-(or-should-that-be-mouses)’”

I prefer this one myself…

“I do not have two mice and I do not have two mouses … I have one mouse and come to think of it, I have another mouse.”

If you have this VX Revolution, there is a microgear slider on the bottom side that controls how the wheel spins.

All the way left is very clicky, all the way right is free-scroll.