Logitech Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for PC - 2 Pack

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Froogle Link Minimum Price $39.99

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $49.99 (excluding ebay)

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $42.99

Amazon Customer Review Link Average Review 3/5 Stars (close match)

I’m far to lazy tonight to do that multiplication, someone do it for me!

So are we going to get the wireless adapter with these this time?

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Logitech Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for PC - 2 Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New, OEM
product(s): 2 Logitech Wireless Headphones for PC - 980429-0403

Humm, normally two for Tuesdays are really cheap. Oh well, not like I needed two any way.

Just curious though, any one know if i can use this for the Blue tooth on my phone to listen to MP3’s?

Some mighy pricing links…

SecretPrices has it … $36.59

PriceGrabber has it … $42.99

Froogle has it … $39.99

These be before teh shipping and taxes. And Prices be for one of the item only.

So these arent for macs too? Why the mac hatred? Dont be jealous of our greatness

Yay! Only now… are they going to sell those remote receivers again? That, my friend, would be wootastic!

i LOVE these headhphones. Iv had them for almost 4 months(I bought them when they were first wooted-off.) I used the boiling water trick and ther are no signs of cracking. Followed it all up with the stereo transmitter so i got over $150 of wireless connectivity for only $50!

It’s just awesome that woot remembered Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Two Farrrrrrr Twosday

what’s with the pirate theme?. arrrrrr
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way to reference talk like a pirate day! nice to know we’re not the only dorks getting ready to dress up and act like idiots. i think we should have a treasure hunt…maybe like tomorrow morning at 1…bag of crap…

sucks i already bought them at the wootoff

do these work with voip?


[Shopzilla Prices](http://www.shopzilla.com/12_-_cat_id--483__nwylf--__prod_id--383784273 __rf–ygg000)… rock… lots of stores to choose from.

MSN Shopping prices… horrible… just one.

Sprenzy Prices… eh… three to pick from… nothin great.

CNet Review - 7.0 rating… not the best rating… but there’s a video review from the editors… that’s hot… right?

yeah, if these worked with a Mac, I’d be all over this.

Hold your ale, laddie… Apple is adding A2DP support that ye be needin’ for these to Leoparrrd.

I bought some logitech headphones during the last wootoff… they looked exactly the same (except only one pair) but they didnt say bluetooth. Are these the same as what I have, or are they different? Are they really bluetooth? Are the wootoff ones bluetooth? I love the ones I got off the wootoff, they have amazing bass response and get very loud and the battery lasts a long while. They’re small and cozy.

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awesome podcast!

I bought these the last time around. The idea behind them is great but the product itself is not so great. The headphones are not adjustable and are kind of small for most heads.