Logitech Wireless Headphones for PC

What kind of mic do you need to use with these? Can you make IP calls?

I bought this last time -works great!

nice wish it had a mic

SecretPrices … $59.99

PriceGrabber … $84.99

Froogle … $82.50

Look nice, but dont really need. Wireless too, cant really trust :frowning:

wish they were bluetooth

Was waiting for these! Love it. Carry my laptop in my backpack and walk about with a media center!

will this work with windows vista?

i need some wireless headphones…are these any good?

Amazon $99.99

too bad these arent bluetooth so they can work with my logitech bluetooth ipod version.

anyone know the quality of the sound?

anyone have experience with these?

Nice Setup. Please don’t delete my post !!! These work great !!!

$82.50 on Froogle
$99.99 on Amazon

good deal!

How well do these work with linux, anyone know?

Here’s an Amazon.com review… not the most stellar one…


these things are GREAT, I’m not going to woot because the ipod headphones and the mp3 headphones do the trick but for those who missed out on the other two, these are GREAT. Remember to wear them behind your head and not over your head otherwise the headband will crack… I’d woot if i didn’t have a total of 3 Logitech Headphones from woot already

Seems like a Logitech Warehouse got shutdown.
Also seems like the same build as the 2 bluetooth headphones…Wonder if the band problem happens to this one.