Logitech Wireless Performance Keyboard & Mouse

Under no circumstances should you order Logitech refurbished hardware, it is not refurbished it is recycled.

I ordered one of these MX800 combos and it was bad/broken right out of the box. The keyboard had a stuck “x” key, there were x’s everywhere in my typing. WOOT kindly issued a return label. I ordered a second, the mouse’s side buttons were depressed into the internals so hard they were no longer sticking out the 3 side holes. I used a tiny flathead screwdriver to realign the buttons so they popped out the holes. The mouse lasted 4 days before dying. Additionally, the second keyboard’s “shift” key has popped off twice now in 12 days. Clearly, Logitech has never even powered these devices up to test them otherwise the problems would have been self evident.

I have order many refurbished items from Samsung, HP and Dell on WOOT (7 total), Logitech items are the only ones that have failed. Their failure rate on 2 orders is 100%.

I should note that WOOT knows nothing of the second order being bad. The equipment is located elsewhere, I built the system for a family member. I have already purchased replacement “new” hardware locally and will be swapping it out this weekend.

holmkvid – thanks for the post. Have a good week!

Broken heart, I was about to order it. It is $120.00some on Amazon. Sigh.

Thanks! I was almost going to order but changed my mind.

Do not order You will get a used keyboard and mouse with crud on it.
Disgusting. No way should they call this “refurbished”.

Eww! I hope you sent a picture to Customer Service about this!

If not, you should. You can use the Support Form linked at the top of the page to contact them.