Logitech Wireless Play Link



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Logitech Wireless Play Link
$14.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Logitech Wireless Play Link 965149-0403

This woot was last offered on July 19, 2006 for one dollar more.


Secretprices … $25.95

Froogle … $19.95

PriceGrabber … $19.95

Pricing before shipping and tax, yada yada yada.


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No CNET reviews… but it does have a 5 star rating on Amazon… so that’s probably good… i’m guessing this is a must have for gamers…in addition… here’s the ‘more’ useful link…
ALL Video Game Accessories Under $20 found on Shopzilla… controllers, mics, cables, etc… and my personal favorite of all video game accessories… the DDR Pad… enjoy that… nerds… hehe… i love nerds.


Guess all of these weren’t sold last time. I could actually use a pair…


$19.95 at Pricegrabber

$25.94 at Sprenzy, 5 out 5 stars from Amazon (12 reviews)

[H] Console Review “We spent a great deal of time with the Play Link in just about every configuration possible and we are impressed. Very impressed. From web surfing to multiplayer gaming the Play Link delivered in spades.”


Same at some other sellers also…


Seems like this would be a must for diehard console gamers.


Can I use these with SLING MEDIA ???


they have to be < 30 feet apart? bah. my routers is in a bedroom on one side of the house, and the ps2 in the living room on the other. useless for me


Anyone know the frequency these things use?


I got a couple last time, kinda crappy


From the description:

“…is as easily as a Detroit Tigers pitcher throws the ball past the third baseman.”

LOL! How about ANY base?


weee, these things are useless. my friend had them, and they can easily get interference from other items around the house, or at least something was causing problems


I got these the first time they were wooted, and while they work for gaming, they don’t do so well for web browsing. This doesn’t replace WiFi, but makes an okay bridge for devices that only have ethernet, like Xbox or TiVo.


Ehh… I’ve got no problem with running wires




I disagree. I use them for my X-Box’s connection to the wireless router across the house, and for that purpose it works fine, with no noticeable latency across the network.


Sweet pair of modern day data teleporters. Pfffff, and Dr. Emmet Brown we got you covered… next flying cars!!


Does this work with Xbox 360.