Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus

I have two of these, and they work great. One is an earlier model with a slightly different layout. I can confidently say that these last and are durable. They /rarely/ need the batteries changed.

After a few years of use for the earlier model, the markings on some of the keys have rubbed off, which isn’t much of a bother.

Another convenient feature is that though each keyboard comes with its own USB receiver, you can pair several Logitech devices to a single receiver (but not the Logitech wireless console controller, which uses a different receiver). This is convenient if you use a single media center laptop in more than one room, because you can pair it with more than one keyboard, and leave those in the rooms you take your laptop to. No swapping out USB receivers or occupying more than one USB port, and you don’t have to carry a keyboard along with your laptop.

Obviously, I’m very happy with these keyboards :slight_smile: