Logitech Z540 5-Piece Speaker Set


Logitech Z540 5-Piece PC Gaming Subwoofer Speaker System


Official Woot Price: $24.99

Froogle: $41.99 @ overstock.com + shipping.


woot price: $24.99 + s/h

good deal.




Official WOOT! Price: $24.99

Ordered 2. :smiley:


No thanks, my Creative Itrigue 3300 speakers do me just fine. More bass on my set, and my laptop doesn’t even have a 5.1 card.




God damn u guys are fast…got one…any reviews?


I’m in. :wink:


I got one… booyah!!

Thank you woot!!




Me too! In for one.


I’ll pass, already got me 2 sets of dells. :slight_smile: good deal for anyone who wants it.


Froogle 39.95 Woot does it again.


But can’t beat my altec lansing 251 5.1 surround sound speakers that I got last year for $5 bux at Circuit City…


seems not so hot
the lowest price from froogle is about $35.

but still a good deal for self using


I can’t figure out how to fit 4 more speakers and another subwoofer on my desk. I guess I’ll have to stick with teh Dell.

Oh, funny, I just realized these are exactly the speakers I bought for my girlfriend’s computer. Though she’s only got 2 + subwoofer, and I’m pretty sure I paid more than $25 for that. They sound good, btw, and have a pretty blue power light that goes great with the blue power light on her Shuttle case.


only if it was 5.1


SOOO tempting because of the cost, but I already have the 5.1 set of these speakers for lan parties. Thanks woot, good deal either way. See you all tomorrow night.


Now the question is whether to get these or hope and wait for more Dells… :?