LOGO Help for my Sick Puppy

I am the overly proud owner of a 2010
Synergy Edition Chevrolet Camaro (1 of 1812). She is, and will always be, my Sick Puppy. I saw the car and thought/said, ‘That is SICK!’ And, the first tune she played on her XM radio was by Sick Puppies. Kismet.
I would LOVE to have a logo for her, a design I can decal onto her rear fenders, and maybe use elsewhere. I could eventually get something together, but it would be inferior. My head is showing me a bitchin’ Big Daddy Roth-inspired design, somewhat simplified to make a decent decal. I mean, really - SICK PUPPY! That begs for the Rat Fink treatment!
I know at least two of you Woot designers out there are more than up to the challenge. Anyone with a solid concept, please contact me. I am totally prepared to remunerate for a custom decal design. Mo bitchin’, mo money! After I have a good line art, I’ll take it to someone to decal. And, if you want, we can discuss a sig, if you want a following as a decal or other automotive artist.
The level of involvement is yours - make me a cool pitcher. I’ll pay you. Anything else (sig) we can discuss.

i would hope the wootstaff would look kindly upon this post if you reposted your request in w.o.wootshirts instead, as i suspect many of the shirt artists don’t even come over to e.b.w.

But, I felt this was totally beyond the realm of Woot, hence EBW. I want a personal logo, and not a shirt. Or a Woot. Or anything woot related except for the availability of wonderful artists. I think that’s why this separate forum exists. I would LOVE to post my request in a more frequented forum. But this seems to be the right place. Hey, pass the word, will ya?

Paige, you’re absolutely right, this is prolly where it belongs, technically. But, no1 is also right, virtually all of the artists will never see it over here. I’d post it in the world of woot shirts, and they can always take it out if they think it’s wrong. To me, I think the world of woot shirts is more about the art than anything else, and could easily be called the world of woot shirt artistry.

Point taken, from both of you. Thanks. I just pulled together a couple of concept sketches that I like. I’ll post them in the WoW forum and see who salutes. Or, await the ban-hammer.
Look at me, Miss Playing By The Rules girl. LOL!

Linking to this thread in your signature might help as well.

Ooo. Like the way you think. I have a big car show looming, but I’ll try to get my concept sketches up soon… AND link to them. Thanks!